Friday, November 16, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 10

Locks in a minute, but there's some major baseball to discuss. First of all, somehow my man C.C. Sabathia was able to steal the AL Cy Young from Josh Beckett. Not sure how that happened, not even I would have voted for Sabathia over Beckett, but I'm happy for the guy none the less. Another congrats to Eric Wedge, AL Manager of the Year.

What's going on with George Steinbrenner? Has he finally gone soft? We were already to kiss A-Rod's New York career goodbye, and now he's back in the Bronx. Though he's the richest man in sports history, I think he'll regret the decision in a few years, there's only so much of Yankee fandom (or criticism really) that one can take.

And, in case you haven't heard, Barry Bonds was indicted the other day. I've made my stance known, but I'll say it again. I hope they drop the hammer on this guy.And it's not just him. I feel the same for a lot of other guys, like Clemons and McGwire. Maybe people wouldn't feel this way if the guy wasn't such a jerk. It's all over now Barry Bondzilla.

At last, the end of an era

OK, Now for locks.

My locks for last week was for Notre Dame to go against the spread or something like that, I don't really recall it (or do I want to). But I do remember my pick of Dallas to cover against the New York Ginats, which was a success. For this week, I got West Virginia (-6.5) against the Cincinnati Bearkats, and in the NFL, the Chicago Bears (+5.5) to suprise against the Seattle Seahawks.

Grossman is back in the saddle again for Chicago.

Zorgon had Tulsa in a masterlock against the University of Houston, and Buffalo, who successfully covered against the Miami Dolphins. For this week he had Arizona (+12) against the spread vs Oregon, a pick that proved promising for Zorgon last night. In the NFL, he has Cleveland (-3) covering against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Almost as good a pick as whoever had the "over" on the over/under in this game.

Frost's picks for last week were Virgina over Miami (win) and Chicago over Oakland (also a win). This week, he hopes to make up some more ground with Tennessee (-12) to cover vs Vandy, and Cincinnati (-3) to cover against the Cardinals.

I wouldn't like this pick if Jay Cutler will still the QB for the Commodores

The Standings:
1) okluschen 10-5-1
2) Zorgon 10-6
3) Jason Frost 7-7-2

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Perfect Image of How All Warriors Fans Feel

From the best Latvian member of Golden State of Mind: Lat We N Trash.

Quick Link: Check DubsBall for another hilarious pic.

Notes on Anti-Clutchness, and the Difference Between Richardson and Azubuike

So, you like Azubuike, eh? The exact same as JRich? The 3s, the athletic dunks, the passion....they're all there! So, what, exactly, is the difference between the two?
JRich would've severely helped us out in the clutch tonight.

Azubuike still hasn't found that ability, and he plays almost as bad as Monta. We can;t rely on only one clutch guy (Baron) if we want to win games.

What most people don't realize is that we've had very few blowouts. We always make it close, and clutch players last year really helped us out of the hole. I mean, if you want me to be honest, I think the old Montgomery team had more clutchness than we do right now. (I know I made a comment in the game thread contrary to this above, but I was meaning that we are a decent 3rd Qtr team, whereas the Montgomery era team was TERRIBLE in the third.)

So, someone needs to step up. And most people think that person will be Stephen Jackson.
Well, I do agree that he's more of a clutch player than we have in our lineup right now, but the man is by no means Jason Richardson or Baron-esque. He can put in what he needs, but he'll never have that "big shot" ability that Baron and JRich have to put it in when it really matters with less than 2 minutes to go in the 4th.

Now don't go telling me that this gradual losing of our lead was stoppable. The Pistons are the most experienced team in the NBA, they've played with each other for a long time, and Sheed was simply in FIYAH. The best you can do is try to slow it down as much as you can.

And don't go telling me about freethrows either. The Warriors WILL miss their freethrows. It's a fact of life. The Warriors hitting their freethrows are about as likely as Jim Barnett not telling you to go for the 2 for 1 or feed the hot hand. Jrich missed his freethrows, too. So, NEVER AGAIN shall anyone say that FreeThrows are a factor. If they go in, it's a miracle. I'll be happy with 5%. Anything else is a bonus. Just count them as lost points, and anything else is a bonus. That's how I look at it.

So, in closing, if Stephen Jackson can't some in and step it up to be the "2nd Clutch Man" to Baron (assuming noone else steps up) I predict we will get 25 wins.

So, how do we solve this problem?

Trade for Adonal Foyle. The dude is getting very inconsistent minutes from Coach Stan Van Gundy. Pat garrity is playing out of his mind, and Adonal has a very little role on the team, especially when Tony Battie comes back.

So, Adonal looks to step into our team and average around 292 points. During a game against Houston last year, in less than a minute, he had 4 points. Assuming he can keep this production up throughout the season, he will help us easily soar past opponents.

Defense? For the 4 minutes he was in against the Cavaliers tonight, Zyundras Ilgauskas didn't score a lick. Assuming he can keep up this production, opposing Centers will average no stats.
Accuracy? In his 10 year career, he has a 100% FG percentage for all of the NBA Playoffs.

Lastly: Athleticism?
Dude's got legs.

So, why not pick up a Hall of Fame center who should be extremely easy to trade for?

There is no confusion, Adonal Foyle is the solution.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Status Update

Where are we? Why only locks of the week?

A Few Reasons:

Over the last couple weeks, we've either been swamped with school work or sick with some sort of disease.

Adonal, simply put, is doing terrible. (Or, as Charles Barkely would say, trrbl.) He's getting surpassed by Pat Garrity day in and day out, he usually gets a block and a couple of rebounds. The offense that has been "perculating within him all of these years" and showed such great promise in the Pre-Season has been nonexistant. It's basically a sit and wait game.

The Warriors have performed equally as well. 0-5, and I REALLY don't want to get on here and say, "Freethrows Lolz". I've come to accept about 5% freethrows made. Anything else is a bonus.

The NFL and NCAA Football have taken a backseat due to basketball season starting. I'll try to readjust my focus a bit. Especially with the Browns doing so well.

So, in closing....yeah, we need to update more.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 9

Yes I know what you're saying. A locks of the week segment, ON TIME! I admit, I've been as punctual as a pig to the slaughter house, but yes, for this week, I am on time.

I am still in the lead, and I have to admit, it's getting a little lonely at the top, especially after last weeks very sharp 2-0. For this week, I have Notre Dame (+3) against the spread vs Air Force. Navy got lucky last week and ND wants revenge against the military. My pro lock is for Dallas (-1) to cover against the New York Football Giants.

There's still some pride left in the sign

Zorgon went 1-1 last week. For this week, he has Tulsa (-1) covering against Houston for his college lock. In the NFL, he has Buffalo (-3) covering against the Miami Dolphins, who can't win no matter what country they play in.

Tough times in Miami, especially watching their undefeated record crumble.

Frost had another tough week, watching his picks go 0-1-1 last week. He hopes to rebound and get back in the hunt by picking Virgina (+3.5) against the spread vs Miami in the last home game for the hurricanes ever. Not so sure about this pick, but we'll see. His pro pick is for Chicago (-3) to cover against Oakland.

Sad times in college and pro Miami football.

ESPNU Allstate BCS Standings Review:
1) okluschen 9-4-1
2) Zorgon 8-6
3) OU, National Champions in Football 13-1
4) Frost 5-7-2

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 8

Football season is around halfway done. I think it's been a good season so far. This has to be one of the most exciting years for college football. Never so many upsets, never so much confusion about the Heisman winner. And in the NFL, we've got the regular season game of the century coming up. Has there been a more tense rivalry in the past few years than this? But more on that later. Now, the locks.

For this week, Zorgon has Oregon State (+15) against the University of Southern California. It was a monumental upset last year, and Zorgon hopes for the same this season. He also has Green Bay (+2) against the spread versus a very physical defense in the Kansas City Chiefs.

Frost's locks for this week are Oklahoma State (+3) against the spread vs Texas. Texas has been struggling this season, despite being number 15 in the nation. That should be an interesting game. His pro lock is for the Patriots (-5.5) to cover against the the Colts in that game of the century I was talking about.

Tom Brady hopes to remain undefeated against the Colts

And last but not least, there's me. For this week I got Texas Tech to cover (-21) against the Baylor Bears. And for my pro lock, I'm going head to head aginst Jason Frost. That's right, I've got the Colts. Crazy you say? Not so fast my friend. The tide has turned in this rivalry. Peyton has their number now. Expect the unexpected my friend, expect the unexpected.

If Lee Corso picked pro games, I'm sure he'd pick Indy.

Just a reminer of the standings:
okluschen 7-4-1
Zorgon 7-5
Jason Frost 5-6-1