Sunday, September 30, 2007

NCAA Football Week 5

Early this time!

Arkansas State vs. Memphis
This, in my opinion, wasn't really an upset, just a case of Memphis being overrated asnd Arkansas State being underrated.

Boise State vs. Southern Miss
Sure, Southern Misses QB got injured, Boise State was dominating before that. They definately aren't at last years glory, but they're definately not going away, either.

West Virginia vs. South Florida

It's the latest dance craze!
I slept from right before this game started to about 9 AM CST. 13 hours. Aren't you proud? But there's no doubt that the announcers were spieling, "Oh, South Florida is a real football team now!" Yeah, it's all been said.

Notre Dame vs. Purdue

Don't take this to be another, "ho hum, Notre Dame should've won" game. Purdue has an extremely expolsive offense, and, coupled with todays upsets, should be a Top 10 team. Notre Dame, meanwhile, needs to start thinking about....winning?

Michigan vs. Northwestern
Michigan was trailing for the majority of the game. So, they still aren't very good. I'd consider them lucky if they got ranked again.

Penn State vs. Illinois
Well, there goes Joe Paternos 78th chance at the NCAA Championship. Poor Knittany Lions. And the upsets continue....

Louisiana State vs. Tulane
Keep in mind this game didn't get out of hand, and at one point the Green Wave came back to be ahead 9-7. So, it's very possible these guys could be crying too.

Akron vs. Connecticut
The Big East has to be the strongest conference in football now. No joke.

Central Michigan vs. Northern Illinois
Congratulations....this game has won the TOILET BOWL OF THE WEEK AWARD!!!!


Central Michigan lost to a 1AA school last week, North Dakota State University.

Northern Illinois only win is at Idaho...who just got blown out by a underporforming Miami. It's losses have been to Iowa, Southern Illinois, and Eastern Michigan.

Indiana vs. Iowa
Iowa=Officially done.

Baylor vs. Texas A&M
Excluding baseball, Baylor will forever be the scum on the Big 12s foot. Texas A&M looked good....against Baylor.

Kentucky vs. Florida Atlantic
Props to Kentucky for actuallylooking liek a ranked team out there in this week of upsets and close calls.

Oklahoma vs. Colorado
Congratulations....this game has won the UPSET OF THE WEEK AWARD!!!!


Oklahoma was the highest ranked to be upset this week. They were killing opponents by 50 points.

Colorado was struggling against teams like Florida State and Arizona State. Their only wins came over Colorado State (by a field goal, no less) and agains a hapless Miami (Ohio) team.

Anyway, the game...I have no way to explain it. I tuned away in the 2nd, figuring OU had it in hand, tuned back in in the 4th and wondered, WTF is going on? A lot of bad breaks for OU, a lot of good breaks for CU. Tha'ts all I have to say....(Oklahoma State and Texas A&M will battle for the lead in the Big 12 South next week. That's sad. The only 2 undefested teams in the Big 12...hail from the North. And they are Kansas and Missouri. Has the universe ended?)

Nebraska vs. Iowa State
This game was too close.

Syracuse vs. Miami (Ohio)
This would've been the Toilet Bowl of the week, except for the fact Syracuse beat Louisville. that even a quality win anymore?

Maryland vs. Rutgers
Not very much an upset, Rutgers was kinda weak, and it was feeible that MAryland could win this game. Still, it was unexpected.

Texas vs. Kansas State
Well, Texas finally shows their true colours....on the exact right week to mask their true weaknesses. I'd predict them in the low 20s or out of the top 25 by the end of the season.

Wisconsin vs. Michigan State
A very solid game lost amidst the upsets.

Oregon vs. California
Welp, the dreams over for Oregon. This team is always ranked high and falls hard. Jsut forget about these quitters forever, please. Meanwhile, Cal will stumble their way into the top 5. That's carrazy.

Hawaii vs. Idaho
Another piece of crap falls into the toilet.

University of Central Los Angeles vs. Oregon State
I think Portland State may be Oregons #1 team this year.

University of Alabama-Birmingham vs. Tulsa
There's no way it should've been this close. Keep your head up, Tulsa!

Texas Tech vs. Northewestern State
75-7? That's insane. Especially for a team coming off a loss to OSU.

Arkansas vs. North Texas
Nope, Arkansas, you don't look very good next to Texas Tech. Better luck next time.

Sam Houston State vs. Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State gets their revenge on Rhett Bomar.

Auburn vs. Florida
This was close to being the upset of the week, but it was no cigar. At least Aubrun was ranked. However, they were coming off of a bad loss. This seemed more to do with karma than anthing else.

Ohio State vs. Minnesota
I was wrong about Minnesota last week. They just suck. I like their Mustard and Ketchup uniforms, though.

University of Southern California vs. Washington
This was closer than it should've been. Naughty naughty, USC got away lucky. Props to Washington for battling even through they know they're going to finish something like 6-6. I hope that coach can somehow move on to bigger and better things, or even make Washington good.

Arkansas Pine-Bluff Golden Lions vs. New Mexico State Aggies
Congratulations....this game has won GAME YOU SHOULD'VE WATCHED BUT YOU DIDN'T!!!!

This game is a mouthful, eh? It was really down to the wire, with APB (who is 1-3 in 1-AA play) almost pulling off the upset and staying cometetive all game. New Mexico barely pulled it off in the end with a field goal. Too bad it wasn't on television! (It's playing on FSN Arizona at 1:30 PM CST on Monday, if you're bored/sick.)

Louisiana Tech vs. Fresno State
Probobly the 3rd worst matchup of the week. Louisiana Techs unis look like they're out of the late 80s. Much props. Now that I think of it, Fresnos unis kind of look like that too! It was an All-80s bowl!

Arizona State vs. Stanford
The Christmas Trees are about as good as "the next John Elway" who is starting at QB for the Denver Broncos right now....

Okay, that's it! Hope you enjoyed....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Like Old Times, David Wesley back to the Hornets, Cedric Simmons Dealt to the Cavaliers

From Yahoo! Sports:

Not much to say here. It could mean the Cavs are looking to get rid of Varejao, or are just looking for insurance. Also, the Hornets had kind of a backlog of big men last year (even with their mass injuries) so moving their worst one seems like the right move. It's clear that Hilton Armstrong was a lot better. They laso are looking to fill the hole left by Devin Brown (who, ironically, was signed by the Cavaliers).

GREAT ADONAL FOYLE NEWS!!!!;_ylt=AvjoI_2e8IarHqbi_OpFnUOH0bYF?slug=txmagicbattie&prov=st&type=lgns

The man who this blog was named after, Adonal Foyle, has some exciting news in his midst!

His main cometition for minutes on the Orlando Magic, Tony Battie, has torn his rotator cuff and can be expected to be out for the season!!!!

However, the challenge is not done. The Magic are expected to start this lineup:

PG- Jameer Nelson
SG- Hedo Turgkolu/Trevor Ariza
SF- Hedo Turgkolu/Trevor Ariza
PF- Rashard Lewis
C- Dwight Howard

First of all, this lineup is for foos. Putting Travor Ariza (a lowdown banger defender, who is bigger than PF David West) at SG is just a terrible move. Turgkolu miiiight work there, but he is also generally too big.

Not to mention, Lewis at PF? Imagine him pulling down 5 boards a game. I'm imagining the 05-06 Golden State Warriors WITHOUT Troy Murphy. A scary thought.

Next of all, putting Adonal in only makes sense. Could you imagine going into the paint and trying to contend with Adonal AND Dwight? That's like trying to make a freethrow blindfolded when a mascot is standing on top of a ladder right in front of the hoop. You're just not going to score.

And even IF the Magic decide to be stupid, who's going to take away his minutes? Pat Garrity and James Augustine? Don't make me laugh.

Bottom Zorgon Line: Adonal is a LOCK for MVP this year. First Triple-Double since Oscar Robertson!!!!

Bottom Line: Look for 20-30 minute games from the good ol' Carribean Cataclysm. Look for him to go back to his old numbers of about 7points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game.

Sub-Note: No hard feelings towards Tony Battie. I'm just a blind follower of the greatness that is Adonal Foyle.

Chris Webber to Europe?

Yeah, this is a basketball blog, too. In latest news, Olmypiakos (The Euroleague equivalent of the New York Yankees) are reportedly offering Chris Webber 10-12 Million over 2 years.

Needless to say, he'll never get this kind of money from an NBA team, nor this amunt of playing time. However, I'm not really sure if he's all too excited about living in Athens when he finally got to play in his hometown in Detroit last year. Nevertheless, money talks.

Bottom Line: Home and an NBA Championship is more important than money to Chris Webber. If he gets an offer from an upper-tier NBA team, he'll take it over Olympiakoses offer. But if his only offer is from the Atlanta Hawks, then look for him to wigg out to Europe.

This is just another step in the line of steps that Euroleague is taking to become the NBA. 2020, and who knows? First round draft picks may just be opting to play for Olympiakos.

In Other News: South Florida won, making me 1st in Ballhype NCAA Football pickem'. Yeehaw!!!! (At least until todays games. :-()

Friday, September 28, 2007

Locks of the Week, Week 3

OK, it's time for locks of the week again. But before I get to that, I have to defend my boy Jay Cutler, who's not gettin' any love here at adonal obsessed so far. Yeah, we're 2-1 with two thrilling games that Jason Elam had to win for us vs sub par teams. Yeah, Jay Cutler has a 3-4 TD to Int ratio. However, according to cbs.sportsline's NFL player ranker, he is the 9th QB in the league right now. And hey, Jaws said that he was the next Brett Favre. Brett Favre, man!

Ron Jaworski knows what he's talking about, Zorgon

OK, now back to locks of the week. As I promised, 2-0 last week. Please, please, hold your applause. My picks of Baylor and Carolina were strokes of genius I must admit. This brings my record to 2-2 on the year, and it'll be 4-2 after this week. Speaking of this week, my picks are New England to cover (-7) vs Cincinnati on Monday night, and Wisconsin (-7.5) to cover against an over rated Michigan State team.

Come on, don't fail me now

Now for Zorgon. Tough week he had, he took Rice in the points (they got killed) and the Browns over the Raiders (they got timeouted). Though he was able to win this game lock wise, he must have been heart broken for his Browns. He looks for redemption this week, with Syracuse (-2) to cover against Miami of Ohio of America of Earth as well as Green Bay (-1.5) to cover against Minnesota. Not bad Zorgon, not bad, but that bad Jay Cutler karma is out to get you. Zorgon's record is 2-2.

Mike Shanahan taught Lane Kiffin a thing or two in their last game

Last but not least, there's Jason Frost. 1-1 last week, man. I'm sorry, that Cincinnati game does not count a win. 3 points does not = 3.5 points. His other game, OU (what a suprise) was able to cover vs Tulsa however, putting his overall reord at 3-1. For this week, he's got the New York Jets (-3) to cover against the Bills, and OU (-22.5) to cover against Colorado (what a suprise).

Jason Frost has been riding the back of OU and Sam Bradford all year

So, that puts the standings at Jason Frost (3-1) in first, me (2-2) and Zorgon tied for second.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jake Delhomme Out, David Carr in

It looks like another Quarterback change is afoot in Carolina, as David Carr is getting his 2nd (and probobly final) shot at proving he is an NFL QB.

Okay, the real reason for the change is an injury, but this may be a blessing in disguise for the Panthers. Jake Delhomme, while solid at times, has never been a big-time QB. If he didn't have Steve Smith, he'd be about the skill equivalent of a Kelly Holcomb or Gus Frerotte.

David Carr, on the other hand, is unproven. Many say that problems in Houston were not his fault. Their team was flat out atrocious until this season. Nevertheless, Schaub stpes in and the team is "magically" 2-1. So, was it the improvement of the team, or the QB? Carolina fans better hope it was the team.

But, it remains to be seen if David Carr can function at the also-subpar Carolina Panthers. Their 2-1 record should not fool you. Their wins have come over a vastly underachieving St.Louis team and a hapless Atlanta. They have lost to the Texans (no surprise). So, one all is said and done, they should be shooting for about a 8-8, and that's in the NFC.

What to expect: David Carr has an average game, and the Panthers put back in Delhomme. Carr might be the guy you want at backup QB, but if you put him as a starter, it's no secret he'd be in the bottom 8.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grossman Out, Griese In,CST-SPT-bear26.article

Well, it's about time. Rex Grossman has finally been cut from the starting QB job, and relgated to his proper role: being a backup. Will Griese lead Chicago to greatness? That reamins to be seen. He's always been a mediocre-type QB....back in Denver, he did pretty bad in their post Supr Bowl years. Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay, he's gone to the playoffs, but most say that's moreso due to the defense.

I'd say its DEFINATELY an improvement, kind of like a Trent Dilfer to just be in there to not screw things up. But his only semi-goodness could hurt them if they get in a shootout with Brett Favre or the like.

Final Ruling: NFC Championship maybe, but no Super Bowl.

They need to get someone better (Drew Bledsoe) if they really want to shine, and the injuries to the defense are really piling up.

Coming to an Arena Near You

I know, I know, football just kicked off; and hey, I'm not complaining, nothings better than college football, but this year I am craving some March Maddness. This is likely due to the lack of a tournament this past season, or at least the lack of one that was half way decent. I'm ready for the upsets. I'm ready for the Cameron Crazies. I'm ready for PTPers, Diaper Dandys, Skywalkers. I'm just ready, man. So ready in fact, that I've already created the entire field of 65 teams before Midnight Maddness has even been thought about. So thanks a ton to Lindy's NCAA Basketball preview, along with Andy Katz, Dickey V, and CBSsportsline.

Dick Vitale's ready, he's always ready.

Top Seed Memphis and the Houston Regional...
1) Memphis
*at Birmingham, Alabama (BJCC Arena)
16) Alabama State/Hampton

8) Southern California
*at Birmingham, Alabama (BJCC Arena)
9) Matyland

5) Kentucky
*at Tampa, Florida (St. Pete Times Forum)
12) New Mexico State

4) Arizona
*at Tampa, Florida (St. Pete Times Forum)
13) George Mason

3) Washington State
*at Anaheim, California (Arrowhead Pond)
14) Montana

6) Xavier
*at Anaheim, California (Arrowhead Pond)
11) Mississippi State

7) Oregon
*at Denver, Colorado (Pepsi Center)
10) Providence

2) Michigan State
*at Denver Colorado (Pepsi Center)
15) UT-Arlington
Kansas and the Detroit Regional...
1) Kansas
*at Omaha, Nebraska (Qwest Center)
16) Robert Morris

8) UConn
*at Omaha, Nebraska (Qwest Center)
9) Ohio State

5) Texas
*at Denver, Colorado (Pepsi Center)
12) Vanderbilt

4) Gonzaga
*at Denver, Colorado (Pepsi Center)
13) UC Santa Barbara

3) Duke
*at Washington, D.C. (MCI Center)
14) Holy Cross

6) Alabama
*at Washington, D.C. (MCI Center)
11) Villanova

7) Butler
*at Little Rock, Arkansas (Alltel Arena)
10) Brigham Young

2) Louisville
*at Little Rock, Arkansas (Alltel Arena)
15) Boston U
UCLA and the Pheonix Regional
*at Anaheim, California (Arrowhead Pond)
16) Belmont

8) Wisconsin
*at Anaheim, California (Arrowhead Pond)
9) St. Joseph's

5) Pittsburgh
*at Washington, D.C. (MCI Center)
12) Saint Louis

4) Texas A&M
*at Washington, D.C. (MCI Center)
13) Western Kentucky

3) Indiana
*at Tampa, Florida (St. Pete Times Forum)
14) Cornell

6) Arkansas
*at Tampa, Florida (St. Pete Times Forum)
11) California

7) Virginia Commonwealth
*at Raleigh, North Carolina (RBC Center)
10) UAB

2) Georgetown
*at Raleigh, North Carolina (RBC Center)
15) Loyola (MD)
And North Carolina in the Charlotte Regional...
1) North Carolina
*at Raleigh, North Carolina (RBC Center)
16) High Point

8) Syracuse
*at Raleigh, North Carolina (RBC Center)
9) Clemson

5) Southern Illinois
*at Omaha, Nebraska (Qwest Center)
12) Kansas State

4) Stanford
*at Omaha, Nebraska (Qwest Center)
13) Kent State

3) Marquette
*at Little Rock, Arkansas (Alltel Center)

6) Davdson
*at Little Rock, Arkansas (Alltel Center)
11) Georgia

7) NC State
*at Birmingham, Alabama (BJCC Arena)
10) Missouri

2) Tennessee
*at Birmingham, Alabama (BJCC Arena)
15) Austin Peay

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NCAA Football, NFL Week 3

I'm late, but things get busy. Here goes:

NCAA Football:
Texas A&M vs. Miami
Texas A&M looked like poop on a stick. Miami simply had all of the energy, all of the game. And, unlike Notre Dame, McGee is A&Ms problem. He looked terrible and played terrible. Then, late in the game, they had another guy come out (Johnson?). He was very highly recruited and was 6'6". The one TD pass that he threw looked AMAZING. Next Steve McNair? Time will tell.

Oklahoma vs. Tulsa
Well, Tulsa did about as well you could expect them to. They played their hearts out in front of a neutral stadium, and got beat down. But noone can blame them. Oklahoma, meanwhile, needs to work on adapting to foreign envrionments, as Tulsa was half OU fans and they started off pretty sluggish.

Kent State vs. Akron
I called into a radio show last Tuesday. I had to make 3 picks for the upcoming week of football, and since I didn't know any matchups at the time, 3 names rang out of my head. They were Akron, Northwestern, and Tulsa, all against the spread. Well, at least Akron won. Also, Akron did a good job this game of not losing their energy early on, as they've done in games past.

Temple vs. Bowling Green
Temple, while improved, still sucks.

Syracuse vs. Louisville
This game was easily predictable. Lousiville is massively overrated coming off of a loss. You could just smell the upset in the air.

North Carolina vs. South Florida
South Florida will have a chance for itself to enter college football significance this Friday when they face West Virginia.

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia
I watched this game, but I didn't really get much to interpret from it. Both of the teams were very equally matched, and it was mere luck that either team should have won. (Boy, I really need to start writing these recaps on time.) Oh, and I hope the Tech guy who got injured is ok.

Florida vs. Ole Miss
I think this says a lot more about how good Ole Miss is than it says about how bad Florida is. But I didn't watch it, so I don't know.

Nebraska vs. Ball State
Big 12 Su-ucks! *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap* The only 3 schools that have any real chance of greatness are Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. Oklahoma will trounce Texas in a couple weeks, and Missouri....well, they're bound to screw up. Good Job at proving how last week wasn't a fluke, Nebraska! You've once again cheated yourself out of being ranked with the elite. Nebraska: Rebuilding Since '00.

Colorado vs. Miami
Don't EVER bet on Miami. Ohio, that is. Right now, they'ed dropped from bowl status to almost AA status. Letting Colorado, whose offense was so bad last week that they HAD to use shotgun every time dropping 42 on you? Ugh.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan State
No real surprise here. Notre Dame is in...the Florida State range in talent I'd say. But can we stop talking about them?

Northwestern vs. Ohio State
Damn you Northwestern!!!!

Memphis vs. UCF
I might've been wrong about UCF last week. They might actually be good.

North Dakota State vs. Central Michigan
This game is an example of how AA is moving closer and closer to 1-A. You start seeing the more major AA teams beating the 1-A teams. It's nice to see less of a divide.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State
This was a nice game to watch, but the sad truth is that at best these teams are making 7-5. Nevertheless, DON'T hesitate to watch something like this just because the teams suck. Better than watching a Notre Dame-Michigan State grindfest.

Colorado State vs. Houston
For some reason, I decided to watch this game. Big mistake. It was soo BORING!!!! These teams were both so inept at everything it wasn't even funny. Not to mention how bad their uniforms were....

Rice vs. Texas
Well, my Rice "Dark Horse" pick wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I give Texas credit, they may be better than I thought. Still not as good as OU, though. They barely beat UCF, and UCF is comparable to Tulsa, who was crushed by Oklahoma. Just sayin'.

Georgia vs. Alabama
I really don't have anything to say about this one. I just don't want any complaints about how I didn't include a big matchup. (Must remember to write earlier!)

This game broke down towards almost thuggery towards the end. It was almost over, but since these schools are apparently "fierce rivals", there was a lot of extra pushing and shoving. If football had 5 quarters, we'd be hearing about the huge SMU-TCU brawl right now, instead of "I'm 40! I'm a man! Come attack me!"

Maryland vs. Wake Forest
At the beginning of the game, the announcer called this one, "Wake Forest vs. NC State". Mmmmhmmm. Wake Forest showed tremendous poise and school spirit during this game. It was so crazy, you never wanted it to end. Maryland was almost too conservative, and was practically waiting for Wake to take it from them.

Purdue vs. Minnesota
Everything just seemed to be going wrong for Minnesota. Dropped fumbles, missed redzone opportunities, the whole bit. Don't count this game to Purdues greatness, but massive unluck on Minnesotas side. They did play a nice second half, though.

Oregon vs. Stanford
I would've been #1 in Ballhype picking had Stanford won. But nooo, Stanford had to screw up their lead just like Washington and Oregon State. Thanks, guys.

Washington vs. UCLA
I simply can't remember this game. I watched about half of it, but now it's all mixed in. I need to write earlier.

Utah vs. UNLV
From louismg on Ballhype:
"Let me see - UCLA loses 44-6 to Utah, who loses 27-0 to UNLV. So... would UNLV beat UCLA 71-6?"

NFL Week 3:
Cardinals vs. Ravens

This game was close, as it should be. It shows how good the AFC West "Group of Death" is doing, and just how poor the NFC is getting.

San Diego vs. Green Bay

Green Bay put together a marvelous performance to overtake an overrated Chargers team with an overrated QB. Brett Favre looked like a stubborn old man sometimes, passing to get into the endzone for his TD and praying the run wouldn't work. Nonetheless, aside from his deparation moments, there's no other man I'd like at QB when I'm losing by 6 with 1:36 to go in the 4th. Green Bay is my NFC Super Bowl pick (for now).

Indianapolis vs. Houston
This game does make a statement about how far Houston has gotten, but it also makes a statement about how the rest of the NFL has caught up to the Colts. Along with the Titans scare last week, this proves how almost everybody is becoming a threat to them, and their perfect season is NOT going to happen this year. They'll make the playoffs, but they won't lockup the 1 seed in Week 13.

Minnesota vs. Kansas City
A lot of people are saying how the mascot energized the team to win. I'd probobly agree with them, simply because Minnesota's only weapon is Adrian Peterson. Get rid of Tavaris Jackson, and bring in a real QB (Drew Bledsoe) please.

Buffalo vs. New England
Buffalo is as bad as ever (8-8 over my dead body) and New England is better than ever. I miss Drew Bledsoe.

Miami vs. New York Jets
A very heated battle between borderline playoff teams. However, I think that in the end they'll both fall short in such a tough AFC.

Detroit vs. Philadelphia
Only reason Philadelphia won: Awesome 1930's throw back uniforms they picked up out of the World Football Leagues trash! They should wear them every game. I love them. Seriously.

Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco
This game helps prove:
A) The Browns are no joke.
B) The 49ers are not a Super Bowl team yet.
C) The Steelers are looking like best in the AFC right now.
D) Bill Cowher may be at his CBS desk longer than you think.

St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay
A lot of people thought that this would be the Rams "big return" year, but so far they've failed to deliver. Meanwhile, the Bucs are again pulling their "smoke and mirrors" tactic to pretend like they're a good team when in actuality they just have an easy schedule. Don't be surprised if they take the NFC South crown out of luck.

Jacksonville vs. Denver
I hope he got sacked....

Get rid of Jay Cutler! If you had anyone else at the Denver reigns, they'd have won this game, and not have had to rely on the greatest kicker in the NFL (Elam) to win their previous 2 games. He is in the bottom 5 of league QBs, and simply hampering the Broncos progress.

Cleveland vs. Oakland
I can count all of Brady Quinns sideline facial expressions with one finger.

The NFL REALLY needs to get rid of this calling timeouts before the snap BS before it speads like a disease. Props to Warren Sapp for blocking that FG.

Cincinnati vs. Seattle
2 teams that have very questionable futures. Seattle was great in 05, but kind of sropped off in 06. Cincy lost to the Browns last week. I'd say Seattle has the better future, because every player on their roster is just all-around solid with few weaknesses. They're just not great.

Carolina vs. Atlanta
Toilet Bowl of the Week! Both of these teams need better QBs (Drew Bledsoe). Both of them will not make the playoffs. Atlanta might go 0-16. Yay!

New York Giants vs. Washington
Nice job by New York to prove that they can survive without Tiki.

Dallas vs. Chicago

Okay, everyones said it: Get Grossman out. Either put in Griese or find a fantabulous Free Agent QB (Drew Bledsoe).

Tennessee vs. New Orleans
Dude, it's not college anymore. Stop posing for the Heisman.

I'm still not sold on the Titans. Don't ask me why, because I don't know either. Meanwhile, Drew Brees is.....oh what the hell, you know I have to say it! The Saints need a great QB (Drew Bledsoe). (No, I'm kidding. Brees is fine, but they need to find out what's wrong.

(Forgive me for the lack of NCAA photos.)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mike Patrick Dreams of Britney Spears

In the middle of a big game situation, Mike Patrick thinks about Britney Spears. Not much to say about this one. Just goes to show how much ESPN is turning into ABC Family Football.

(NCAA Recap coming later today.)

Mike Gundy Flips Out over Jenni Carlson Column

Article in question:

She does say a lot of insulting off the field things about the QB, and says that the coaching staffs mind was basically made up that he wouldn't start because of his attitude. She does mention, several times, that he was hand-fed chicken by his mother, and that says everything about his attitude.

So, I do believe Mike Gundy was somewhat in the right. But, the QB should NOT have to have chicken hand fed to him, if it truely did happen.

99% of what comes out of the Oklahoman is garbage, folks. Don't even attempt to read it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

There's Only 1 October

Baseball is still America's past time. I know, I know, some of you probably just threw up a little, some of you may be laughing your heads off, but I am one of the few that are still on the bandwagon. I think you have to look at the definition of pastime in a different way. Do much more fans watch football than baseball? Yes. Is basketball more exciting than baseball? Yes. There is no player as colorful as Chad Johnson, as cool as Shaquille O'Neal, no owner like Mark Cuban.

Yes, there is no man like Chad Johnson

But who in those other sports has a coach with the fire of Ozzie Guillen? You can catch a homerun, that if historical enough, can change your life in baseball! You catch a missed field goal ball, the usher comes to get it back. If theres a fight in the NBA, it's a national emergency. A fight in baseball is part of the unwritten rules of the game.

Moreover, baseball gives back like no other sport. Chances are, wherever you are in America, you're in driving distance of at least a minor league baseball game. No such luck with football or basketball in a place like Idaho. Cleveland public schools were facing a financial crisis, in which all sports were being threatened to be suspended for a year. But then the Cleveland Indians stepped in, giving enough money and then some for baseball to continue. The Browns and Caviliers followed after, but only after the example was set by baseball. In that respect, baseball in still America's past-time. It may not be the favortie sport, those dies died long ago. But the game, for now at least, is still America's way to pass the time. That being said, let's look at the MLB by division:

  • AL WEST: The Seattle Marineers looked like they were going to be the story of the year, but just had too much space between them and the Angels and couldn't out-do the surging Yankees. Angels lock this one up, but regardless, my congrats to Seattle.

  • AL CENTRAL: Ah, yes, my Indinas finally back in prominence. This division is full of mysteries. What happened to Detroit, to Minnesota, to the White Sox! The White Sox, man! I've never seen a team so talented be so bad. The Indians have got this division by a stranglehold.

  • AL EAST: It looked like the Red Sox were going to walk away with this division but are now only 2.5 games up. I never gave up on the Yankees all year just so you know. The Sox will win this division but Yankees, will be in the Series. Thats right, I said it.

    Yeah, they've got problems

  • NL WEST: The NL West is where it's at. Arizona and San Diego only seperated by a game, with Colorado still lurking. My heart says the Diamondbacks, but somehow I know the Padres will pull away in the end. At least the Diamondbacks still have wildcard hopes. Also, Matt Holiday is the most under rated player out there right now. He's going to be really, really good. By the way, it's Barry Bonds last year with San Francisco. Who knew? Who cares?

  • NL CENTRAL: The toilet division. I'm torn between ChiTown and BrewCity. I like the Prince, but I think the Cubs will pull this one out.

  • NL EAST: What happened to the Mets? One of the biggest suprises of the season. Though I tend to cheer for Philly to do well, I still think the Mets can hold on to that lead, though the Phillies are my dark horse wildcard pick.

    I hate Barry Bonds

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The new guy

'Sup, okluschen is here. I'm the newest member of this blog. I'm here in good ol' OKC to, where I raise my cows and chicken with Charles Barkley. I like all sports excluding hockey and NASCAR and any other sport like Noridc Shovel Racing. My main focus is collegiate sports, but as I said earlier, I'm well versed in the world of athletics. My main teams are the:

  • Oklahoma Sooners, Notre Dame football, Gonzaga basketball, the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Indians, and Colorado Crush (kinda). I have no NBA team right now, but my favorite players are KG, Adam Morrison, and Ben Wallace. I also like Angel Cabrera and Vijay on the PGA tour, and JA Adande in the sport of competitive banter.

Randy Moss was a beast last week vs San Diego; 8 catches, 2 TDs

So, apparently I've been thrust into being in charge of Locks of the Week, a thing we started just this week inspired by the great Mike Steely and WWLS, The Sports Animal in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Last week, Frost won both of his locks, going with The New England Patriots in the demolishment of San Diego last week and he went with the Sooners to cover the spread over Utah State. Coming in second was Zorgon, who went 1-1 on his locks, his NFL was the KC Cheifs against the spread vs Chicago which was a win, his loss though, was Akron against the spread against Indiana. And then there's me. I'm 0-2, with my NFL lock being Cincinnati to cover a measly 6 points vs a Cleveland team who got murdered just a few days before. My other was Utah State against the spread vs Oklahoma, which was really stupid if you think about it.

As for the present week's picks, I've got Baylor (-3.5) to cover the spread vs a terrible Buffalo Bulls team, and the Carolina Panthers (-4) to cover against Joey Harrington and the Falcons. Zorgon's college pick is Rice (+39) against the spread. His pro pick is the Browns (+3) vs. the Oakland Raiders. At now for the current leader Jason Frost. His college pick is for Oklahoma (-22.5) to cover against Tulsa, and his pro is Cincinnati (+3.5) against Seattle. I gauntee a 2-0 ladies and gentlemen, so write that down, I'm movin' on up.

Falcon fans can't wait for Leftwich

Alright, I'll write again as soon as I have something to write about. Peace Out, I'm going to the top of the standings next week.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

O.J. Simpson Released on $125,000 Bail

Family Man?

Honestly, why should we care about this guy anymore? He was a running back years ago, and what he's done post career is just...sad. His actions have gone beyond the world of sports, and has really entered the "general news" section. We should track him no more sport-wise than we should track Maurice Clarett.

That aside, this dude has to be either an idiot or mentally ill. If he wants his stuff back, he's got more than enough money to buy it with. Don't come with your friends to just jack up the joint and get yourself in trouble. He probobly has a mental disease called "obsessia" or something. It probobly causes him to build up more and more hate for something until he just explodes and does something drastic.

If I was O.J. Simpson right now, I'd fly to Barbados and enjoy myself. He can simply do nothing else to replenish his image, and he's pretty much doomed to jail and hate.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Introducing Jason Frost, and the World Chess Championships in 2007

Hello People, I happen to be another dude from Oklahoma, Jason Frost. I am intirested in virtually every sport not including Hockey.
My Favorite Teams are as follows:

NFL:New England Patriots(Currently BEASTING IT UP)
NBA:Boston Celtics(About to start BEASTING IT UP)
MLB:Boston Red Sox(Curently BEASTING IT UP, hmmm Boston theme perhaps)
MLS:New England Revolution(don't realy pay attention to soccer,Currently BEASTING IT UP)
NHL:Boston Bruins(ummmm sortof beasting it up)
Tennis Men's:Novak Djokovic(Serbia-Montenegro)
Women's:Maria Sharapova(Russia owns!!)
Ping Pong:Some Russian Players

I will be writing mostly about current sporting in news in the categories listed above; however, the most important spots/games event, The World Chess Championship 2007, is currently bieng held in Mexico City and thus is dominating all other sports/games events in the press.

So it is most definantly time to get STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fifth Round of World Chess Championship 0f 2007 is near completion!

Vishy vs. The Pilsbury Dough Boy

On the first board(boards are in random order) we saw Viswanathan Anand(Vishy) taking down yet another rival, The Pilsbury Dough Boy, Peter Svidler. In what looked like an even game, the Pilsbury Dough Boy opted for some odd BS and got crushed by the number 1 rated player in the world, from India, who dispite some poor play in a few of his games(especially his near loss in the game against The World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik), is now alone in the lead.

Mmmmmmmm, Gatorade.

Gatorade Boy vs. Moro

On board two we saw the youngest participent in the tournoment, Alexander Grischuk(Gatorade Boy), take down the always entertaining Alexaner Morozevich(Moro). Moro got a nice looking attack, as always, but Grischuk managed a nice counter and took the initiative. Moro's positon soon deterieriated after which Gatorade Boy quickly finished him off.

The always "exciting" Leko and Kramnik

Leko vs. Kramnik

On board three Peter Leko and Vladimir Kramnik quickly drew in a fairly unexciting game.

A very :) Aronian
Aronian vs. Gelfand

On board four we saw the longest game of the day, where Levon Aronian, saw his tournament go from bad to worse as he played some odd bs around move 25 and got destroyed by the oldest player in the tournament Borris Gelfand.

Current Standings:

1. Anand 3.5/5
2.Kramnik 3/5
2.Gelfahnd 3/5
2.Grischuk 3/5
5.Moro 2/5
5.Aronian 2/5
5.Leko 2/5
8.Svidler 1.5/5

Note by Zorgon: Excuse Jasons grammar and spelling. (I corrected this one.) Writing is not his strong point, and English is not his first language. However, he has very many good viewpoints, which is why I brought him here.

Byron Leftwich signs with Falcons, Tank Johnson signs with Cowboys

Heading off our two NFL signings of the day we have Tank Johnson signing with the Cowboys. The Cowboys have been known for willingly taking loose cannons (TO) in the name of winning. This move doesn't surprise me at all. Expect the Cowboys to improve a bit on defense, which really helps their Super Bowl cause. If I had to pick a team from the NFC right now, it'd be them.

(Thanks to Anonymous for the informative, if rude, heads up.)

The second signing is Byron Slowwich, to the Falcons. I was getting all excited when I heard on the radio that the Falcons signed somebody, because I expected it to be Drew Bledsoe. However, it was this loser. Kinda funny how far the Falcons have come, from such a fast QB to such a slow QB. Will the Falcons be that much better? Not really. Maybe 1-2 games. Good Job upgrading from Joey Horrible though.

(Although, Plummer, Bledsoe, or even Brooks would've been MUCH better, foos!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gotta Start Somewhere....NFL Week 2, College Football, Odds and Ends

Hey guys, I'm a dude looking to start a Sports Blog...I'm from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and have many different sports teams I'm interested in. Here's a list, just to get it out of the way....

NBA: Golden State Warriors, Adonal Foyle
NFL: Cleveland Browns (And the retired Drew Bledsoe)
MLB: Toronto Blue Jays (I don't watch MLB.)
NHL: Detroit Red Wings (I don't watch NHL.)
NCAA: Oklahoma Sooners
NASCAR: Jeff Gordon
Chinese Basketball: Bayi Rockets
South African Rugby: Natal Sharks

I think that's about it.

Okay, so now to business.

NCAA Football Thoughts:
Notre Dame vs. Michigan

Notre Dame looked about as good as Utah State last week. And no, its NOT because of Jimmy Clausen. It's because of the HORRENDOUS offensive line. The dude gets no time to do anything! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's a superstar, but he's not completely terrible. He just sent the entire game in fear of the defensive line!
The offensive line might as well have been Jello. They spent the entire day on their rear end. EVERY SINGLE LINEMAN fell down by the time most plays were over. Just...ugh.

Akron vs. Indiana
It's fun to watch a few small time games like this. Akron seems like a team that starts out with a big jolt, but loses their stride somewhere in the game. You could also witness this from how they played vs. Ohio St. It kind of fits their name, the Zips. Zip! And then they're gone. Indiana, meanwhile, still looks like Indiana.

Nebraska vs. USC
I was pulling for a Nebraska upset, but it looked like it was too good to be true. Outside of the top 5, most of the nation this year looks like a joke, including Nebraska. Don't be surprised if by the end of the year you see a few Sam Hill States randomly creep into the polls. Oh, and don't even TALK about Texas and the rest of the Big 12. I haven't watched any Texas games, but if you struggle week after week against UCF, you're not a contender. I can pretty much confirm that all of the Big 12 but OU STINKS. Unless Missouri randomly becomes good. USC looks as strong as ever, but I don't think they're back to a Matt Leinart/Reggie Bush level just yet.

Tulsa vs. BYU

Tulsa has officially returned to prominence, ladies and gentlemen. Okay, you may say "Brigham Young and Louisiana-Monroe? Who cares? Well, for a team that always threatened to go 0-11, 2-0 is a big step. Defense looked average, but Paul Smith looked good. Okay, good for Tulsa. Don't be surprised if hes 2-22 with 3 Interceptions and 7 sacks against Oklahoma. Why? Explained in the next section.

On a side note, I have to give props to College Sports TV for covering this game so well. Very few commercials, and in depth analysis. If you don't have it, it's only 15 bucks a month on DirecTV, AND you get a bunch of other odd-and-end sports channels. Who could resist? (No, I don't work for DirecTV.)

Oklahoma vs. Utah State
OU is, simply, owning. No knock on Utah State, but this team looks...just monsterous. Don't be surprised (is that the phrase of the day?) when they tear through the incredibly weak Big 12.

However, OU really needs to either replace Garrett Heartley (Kicker) or the kickholder. 2 missed extra points is simply unacceptable. This will come back to bite them in the ass. Although, he did have a nice 52 or 53 yarder. So maybe not. Oh, and the annoucner was all "52 yards is CRAZY!!!!" No, it's not. I'm ALL FOR long Field Goal kicks. Just wanted to get that out there.

Colorado vs. Florida State
Everyone is talking about Notre Dame and Michigan's fall from prominence, but take a look at this one! If this happened in 2001, both would've been in the top 5. Now they're both in the muddled middle of their respective conferences.

Colorado's defense was solid, but their offense was just sad and pathetic. If it weren't for a couple of late-game drives, I would've called it Notre Dame-esque. The Coaches son was getting sacked on every play, so they had to use a shotgun every play. I do have to give props to the coach for that, though, as most aren't smart enough to do so. Near the end dudes were kind of catching balls, and the QB was kind of throwing well, so a flicker of hope may still remain for a Colorado Bowl Game.

Florida State just looked average and boring all around. Not great, not bad. Not good, not mediocre. Just average.

'BAMA vs. Arkansas
I didn't watch much of this game, don't have much to say. I do feel sorry for razorback fans, though. It would've been nice to see a strong Arkansas team.

Oregon State vs. Idaho State
Randomly tuned into this one for a few minutes. Oregon State lost last week to some bad school, but now they're beating up on Idaho State? Either Oregon State is having moodswings or Idaho State SUCKS. I'm going with the latter.

Texas vs. University of Central Florida
I watched very little, but I can tell you this much: Texas is baaad. If I had to make a major surprise pick, I'd go with Rice over Texas. If you want to roll the dice a bit.

All other games I didn't watch and have little to no opinion about. I do take special requests, if you're interested.

NFL Week 2:

Browns vs. Bengals
Gonna take it right into the DANGER ZONE!

This was like watching NFL Blitz. It was so awesome. Score after score. 2nd highest combined score in NFL history. If you have Tivo or something, go back and WATCH this game, all the way through. It's simply too fun not to.

The Browns looked much stronger after this game. They pretty much negated the rushing game of the Bengals, who pretty much got through solely on Carson Palmers arm. Every aspect of their offense looked good. So, does this mean playoffs? Don't get excited just yet, but they're definately going in the right direction.
Derek Anderson- Real Starter?

We'll see in 2 weeks....To be honest, with how well he did, I'm kinda scared Brady Quinn might be worse....

The Bengals defense was atrocious, all around. The Begnals run game was atrocious. If Palmer, Johnson, or TJ Whatever got injured mid-game, game over. The Bengals may still be a playoff team, but they really need to step back and take another look at themselves.

Houston Texans vs. Carolina Panthers

Awwww! Baby is all grown up! They're getting Touchdowns now!
I didn't watch the game, but Houston is a REAL NFL TEAM! I'M SO PROUD! Not to mention, they helped me a lot in Ballhype pickem and 17 games. Whatever the case, if Carolina wants to take it to the next level, they need to get rid of Delhomme, and find themselves some sort of above-average TE or RB.

Jagulars vs. Falcons
2 bad teams GOIN AT IT. Watch as they combine for a massive 20 points. Watch as Joey Harrington passes for 1 TD so the guy who drafted his QBs late gets some minisule fantasy points. Watch as Field Goals are kicked. Watch as noone cares. (Sorry, I don't want to knock you guys, but this may be the toilet bowl....)

Packers vs. Giants
I didn't watch this one either, but you can tell the Packers are ready to play. Brett Favre wants one more go. The Packers will the the surprise Dark Horse in this years playoffs, and might just pull a 2005 Steelers or 1999 Titans type run....The "Hefty Lefty" needs to play.

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh
This game either signifies that Buffalo is bad or that Pittsburgh is really good. Its actually neither of those. Buffalo is decent (Denver game cough), but their main problem still lies in J.P. Lost Man. Get any better QB, and whole new doors are opened for that team. The Steelers are looking reeeeeally good right now, but we'll have to see how they stack up in later weeks before we count our chickens.

49ers vs. Rams
The 49ers win just because they had the ball at the right time. 2 very equal, very solid teams. They are both in a Division of Death, where one game could snap you to the 2nd round or send you to the gutter. May the luckiest team win. Joe Nedney=Underrated Kicker.

Saints vs. Buccanneers
The Saints are returning to their former glory while the Bucs are looking as mediocre as ever. Yippee!!!!
Colts vs. Titans
I don't want to judge this game just yet. It could mean many, many things. If I wanted to take a stab in the dark, I'd say that the Colts had an off game and that Vince Young is looking more and more like Steve McNair. I'd say that the Titans are the Warriors of the NFL, and the Colts are the Mavericks. It's true, at least for this year.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks
If you watched the 4th quarter of this game, it was about as painful as watching this promo: (Click on "When Women had Tails"'ve been warned.)
That's about all I have to say. Were the Seahawks ever really THAT good in the first place? I dunno.
Lions vs. Vikings
The FOX announcers for this game were stupid as...shite. The Play by Play guy was generic and obviously suited for other sports, while the colour guy used to be some dumb linebacker or something. They didn't really know how to call anything, and the colour guy wouldn't shut up. He ALWAYS had to get his points out. Ugh. The game? I don't remember. Go CBS and NBC!

Dolphins vs. Cowboys
The sad thing is..the Cowboys may just be NFC champs this year...sigh. I miss Drew Bledsoe.....
Ravens vs. Jets
Kyle Boller is probobly the best backup in the league next to Kurt Warner. A heck of a lot of experience, and he's decent to boot. He could start on a few teams....but he's better off in Baltimore, as Steve McNair is bound to get hurt. J!E!T!S! may once again stand for, "Just End The Season".

Bears vs. Chiefs
If the Bears are ever favoured by more than on the opposition. Poor Chiefs.

Broncos vs. Raiders
Is the closeness of this game because of the Raiders being good? No. It's because of Jay Cutler. If the Broncos didn't have Jason Elam, they'd be 0-2. Best Kicker in the NFL, IMO. Longest ever!

Chargers vs. Patriots

Cheating aside, the Patriots are awesome. Simply stacked everywhere from Kick Retruners to WR. Their line backers maaay be a little weak, but that's IT. If they still had McGuinest and Milloy this would be a team for the ages.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Chargers suck. Why? The man in that photo is why. Can someone say BreesisbetterthanRivers? Good. If Gates or Tomlinson gets injured, lookf for this team to go down an extreme toilet. Their Wideouts suck, and their defense is mediocre-to-average. Nuff' Said.

Oh, and their new uniforms are nice.

Eagles vs. Redskins

Why are the Eagles so bad? I think that the lack of a rushing game has killed them. Plain and simple. You can predict them too easily.
As for the Redskins- Jason Campbell is better than I expected, but he needs a little refining. Campbell is a good Quarterback name, too. Better than Lost Man.

Odds and Ends-
The Phoenix Mercury won the WNBA Championship. Over the Bill Laimbeer coached Detroit Shock. What's sad about this is how far the WNBA has fallen since it's inception and the early Houston Comets championships. Great TV contract re-signing with ABC, Mr. Stern....It has doomed the WNBA to a decade of steadily declining ratings. Do you really want it to fold this bad?
Tiger Woods won something. Again. Is anyone else tired of this?
Clint Bowyer won, significantly increasing his chances in the Chase. Will he win? HELL NO. Jeff Gordon tied for 1st baby!!!!
Tomorrow- Locks of the Week
All comments and suggestions welcome.