Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quick Notes on Adonal: Magic vs. Bucks, Halloween 2007

Adonal had a good game, for playing in the last minutes of a blowout
After all the passion Adonal is shown, I'm *VERY* disappointed that he's been relegated to garbage minutes, especially on a team so thin on bigs. IF you look at the stats, Adonal got just as many rebounds in half the time of Rashard Lewis.

Of course, I could be just bitter, and Adonal is kind of on a "schedule" to play the 1st and 4th Quarters, and the 4th happened to be a blow out. Oh well.

Reguardless, Adonal proved the critics wrong in this game. 6 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks in 17 minutes? THIS is what you should expect AT LEAST from Adonal from now on. He played the same incredible defense that he has done throughout the years, he was inhaling the rebounds (something he used to not do) and EVEN had a bit of an offenseive game. His shooting percentage may have been bad, but it was obvious the ghost of Emperor Nelson was haunting him. I can assure you that none of them looked like Adonalmaos videos though, and he DID show signs of improvement on offense. As in, going to be an All-Star signs of improvement. As in, #1 on the All-time scoring list signs of improvement.

Also: Atma, I have not forgetten about the video I was going to make showcasing Adonals strengths to you. It's gonna happen!!!!

Take into account Adonals pick setting and sheer energy and you have one (almost) complete player.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Season Openers in Review

Portland vs. San Antonio
Try as he might, he could not take down the giant. And then John Elway threw it 98 yards.

You've simply got to love the effort the Blazers put forward. They stayed with the Spurs all game, and that's with Frye and Roy pretty much underperforming. Pryzabilla, Aldridge, and Webster were BEASTS. If they could've gotten a couple more guys to have decent nights, I daresay the Blazers might've won. Oh, I have a feeling Channing Frye will have a minimal role this season....

The Big Blazers Q is: Will they be just as good with Oden?

It's possible that he might even drag them DOWN a bit. However, they just have to go along like this is their roster, and they're sticking to it.

As for the Spurs....Blah. Bruce Bowen had a terrible game.

Utah vs. Golden State
The 3 players in this pic and what they're doing symbolize the whole game.

Blowout? Is Baron hurt? Is Golden State in Trouble? The answer is no.

They simply need to figure out their optimal lineups. For example, Nelson insisted on playing Troy Hudson and Matt Barnes the whole game, even though they played like trash. It was so ugly, they almost reminded me of Dunleavy on his bad days. Now, Barnes is proven, but if Hudson can't get himself in gear within the next few games, he should have no problem benching him in lieu of Bellinelli.

You also have to take into fact that Stephen JAckson wasn't there. Not THAT major, but a hit nonetheless.

Croshere- Solution to the Warriors rebounding problem. This guy needs to PLAY!

Azubuike did well in the first, but he needs to create mroe for himself and try not to fizzle out.

NO BLAME shall touch Pietrus. He performed better than a lot of the team.

As for the Jazz? Well, lets just say they don't miss Derek Fisher. Giricek was....playing defense. It was scary. Harpring was seldom used. Only guy who had a bad game was Okur. Look out for this team.

Houston vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Might as well do that all season, Kobe.

It's total BULLSHIT that the Rockets aren't playing Steve Francis. The Rocekts complain they have crap for PG, they get a potential All-Star PG, and they BENCH him? Worse yet, don't let him play a SINGLE MINUTE?! Why even sign him? Honestly, if they do that, get ready for another 45 win year, Houston. You're obviously not ready to take the next step.

NO WAY this game should've been close. Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming did everything for Houston, and Mike James did a little. And agian Houston fails. IF you really wanted to improve, why not tryout more Luis Scola? It's not like Hayes is...doing much at all, really.

Also, Scola should have made better use of his 9 minutes.

The Lakers? What a sad sack of a team. Looking at the box score, it's OBVIOUS one person did all of the work. Fisher shot a few 3s. Now when almost a 6th man steps into another team and immediately becomes a 2nd or 3rd scoring option (when Odom comes back) you know that there's something wrong with that team.

Walton, however mediocre his game was, did pull it out in the clutch though. I have to give him props.

Honestly, without Kobe, this team IS trash. Trashy Trash. But Mr.Ballhogging pig just forces them to be semi-competetive with an underperforming Rockets team. Please, Lakers. No more. It will only take you 1 season or so to rebuild, you're LA!

Or, on second thought, keep him. It would be better if he didn't ruin any other teams.

Silly Side Note: A TNT graphic late game said the Lakers had -1 timeouts. Rightfully so?

Jim Barnett Quote of the Game: Find the hot hand and feed the hot hand.

Links of the Day

We Rite Goode's High-Concept, Low-Rent NBA Preview

Due to my "Last Day of the Hornets" article I did, the good people over at We Rite Goode decided to employ the services of yours truely to write a preview on the New Orleans Hornets. Not my best work, but it's solid.

Also check out some of the other srticles they've done....some of them are simply stunning. Information galore. Don't miss.

The Blowtorch: I'm a Rick Fox Fan

It's nice to know that other people do appreciate and follow NBA role players such as myself *caugh*Adonal Foyle*caugh*. Check it out, and you may understand us just a bit more. About 1%.


DubsBall is a new Warriors blog. It's actually very decent, and expecially tricked out for something on Blogger. Also- It has a chatbox during games, something GSoM lacks. If I had to call it anything, it would probobly be the LiveVideo to GSoMs You Tube. Worth a check once a week, at least.

Expect a Mini-Recap of tll of todays games later tonight or tomorrow. My NBA PReview will come when it comes, hopefully sooner than later....

Locks of the Week: Week 7

Sorry about the delay. I was away all weekend. That being said, I'll get right to the point...

My locks for the past week were Florida State to cover against Duke, which they did by one. The other one was for Indy to cover against Carolina, and they did that as well.

Zorgon selected Boston College against the spread vs Virginia Tech in the luck lock of the year. It took an onside kick and "The Hail Mary II" for his prediction to come true. Matt Ryan locked up the stiff arm trophy in his worst game of the year. Regardless, Zorgon's pro lock was for Cleveland to cover against the winless Rams, a prediction that proved accurate.

Frost's lock were that of Virginia to cover against the Wolfpack of North Carolina State. This lock failed but just barely. His pro lock was Green Bay against the spread vs Denver, a game I'd like not to talk about right now.

The Standings:
okluschen: 7-4-1
Zorgon: 7-5
Frost: 5-6-1

How'd you like that, took me 3 minutes and no pictures. I'll try to be on time this week. Frost has some catching up to do hehehehe...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Studio Team for ESPN?

From Sports Media Watch:

So, ESPN is (apparently) going to go with Stuart Scott, Bill Walton, and Stephen A. Smith for their studio show throughout the year.

On Stuart Scott: The dude doesn't really put out that many opinions, he really just hosts and interviews. As far as that goes, he's decent. However, I get the feeling that this guy is a real asshole off stage. For example, when watching "Stump the Schwab" on ESPN Classic, he said "Oh (insert guys name here)" and the guy said "I can show you how to rock the tie after the show!" and Scott said, "Looks like you'll have to rock that tie right out of here!" First impressions leave big marks, and I don't think he's a nice guy. Not to mention that in interviews he really just wants to get ESPNs point across, which usually involves questions like, "How did you FEEL about getting drafted this early? Are you proud? I've heard you like cooking! How does it feel like getting down 22 at the half?" It usually gets dumb responses like, "Uhhhh, I feel Great! I'm very proud of myself. My mom feels great about this, she's so proud! Man, I'm so depressed about it. Looks like we'll have to work harder in the second half!" So, overall he gets a 8/10.

On Bill Walton: The dude is not as good as Tom Tolbert, but he's decent. He knows his stuff. I saw him walk past me at a Hornets game once (Opening Night, 2004). Dude is tall. He looked busy though, so I didn't bother him. Overall 6/10

On Stephen A. Smith: Loudmouthed idiot. In the 2006 NBA Draft, he was like, "Why are we spending all of this time talking about the Portland Trail Blazers! Noone cares what they're doing, they suck!" The crowd then proceeded to chant "Stephen A.!" In the 2007 draft, he complimented the TrailBlazers, saying they made great moves and will be an excellent team in a few years. This really explains it all. If the dude wanted to be a preacher, he would be a good one. I say this because he has excellent speech type and inflection. He can say nonsense so effectively that most people will believe it. In reality, what he says is mostly hot air....and kelp. Overall 2.5/10.

(Statement on preachers wasn't a bash on anything, just emphasizing how a good preacher must have good speech inflections.)

So, the combo gets a 5/10 overall, but really, I wasn't expecting anything different.

To have something to compare it to, I'll rate the TNT analysts:

Ernie Johnson- The dude is a veteran of sports hoasting. In fact, he is an example of what all sports hoasts should strive for. He knows his stuff, he asks relevent questions, he steps into the debate when need be, and yet doesn't jam his foot in when he doesn't need to. MEanwhile, he's part of a legendary broadcasting trio which he is very comfortable with. 10/10

Kenny Smith- Probobly the weakest part of the trio. He's a decent analyst, but what makes the show great is his chemistry. He can point out obvious things, but he will never really get in depth. I still enjoy him more than, say, a Bill Walton. 7.5/10

Charles Barkley- Ah, Sir Charles. The name just brings a greath of fresh air to your face, doesn't it? He is a pretty good analysis guy, he just holds large grudges. I mean, I remember him during the Warriors-Mavericks series repeadtedly telling Dirk to "take the small mans ass down to the block and punish him". However, once the series started, his statements were overblown, and he ragged on Oakland, he simply would not give up his quest, due to his pride. He couldn't admit saying the Warriors had the advantage calling the series a "National Travesty". However, this simply adds to the fun and makes the show pure comedy gold that you'll never get on ABC or ESPN. 7/10

Overall, the studio gets a 9/10.

But how then, Zorgon, could ESPN/ABC improve their studio show to be like TNTs? Well, here's how:

Bring up some people from NBATV.

Andre Aldridge is an excellent host, rivaling Ernie Johnsons ability. He shows the ability to do EXCELLENT interviews (Watch some of his Hall of Fame stories, or the interview hie did with Bill Russell during the 2005 Playoffs). He also has his own words for highlights when he does the Play-by-Play in some of the replays, and says things like "COAST to COAST" in a memorable way or saying an inside joke such as "He doesn't need to go to camp, he'll bring the camp right to YOU!" (Magic Johnson's DVDs) I really can't think of much of a downside, but I'm pretty biased as I like him too much. 9.5/10

Rick Kamla may throw stats at you and be addicted to Fantasy Basketball, but that also means he REALLY knows his players. A very good thing. 8/10

Fred Carter isn't a guy who will just send out guys to do the research for him, he reaserches himself, and that shows dedication. And yes, I mean every last team. 8.5/10

Alaa Abdelnaby is decent. 7/10

Peter Vescey is just as bad of a bandwaggoner as Steve Kerr. He's also clueless about lower-tier teams. 4/10

Okay, what else could they do?

Improve the music. I am SICK AND TIRED of that damn slow trumpet going "DO-DO, dododododododododo. BOOOM BOOOM" etc. It's just boring. Either compose a good, fast paced song or bring back Roundball Rock. End of story. And NEVER, EVER put in "Running Down a Train" AGAIN! It DOES NOT hype me up for the playoffs!

Improve the presentation. Us folks with 4:3 tube TVs don't appreciate your bottom scorebug. Not all of us are consumerists and just JUMP RIGHT ON THAT HD BANDWAGON! No. I prefer my 16 year old 25 inch tube TV, and it suits me just fine. So stop not letting me see the score!

Do real interviews. Don't ask players "How they feel." Ever. Again. I've already elaborated above.

Don't extend interviews into gameplay. Just because you have Bruce Willis or Jessica Alba on the sideline doesn't mean I want to listen to them say, "Man, Kobes scoring a lot of points." No, no, and thrice no. How about a fourth no? Especially while the GAME is going on! Comeon, guys!

No more asking "the question of death". These usually consist of asking LaDanian Tomlinson how he feels about his coaching change DURING THE CELEBRITY ALL-STAR GAME! Let him have fun, for god sakes! Another good example of asking a College Basketball coach how he feels about So-and-so going to the NBA DURING A COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME. Let these people relax, and get off of their toes! Jeez!

Okay, I've ranted, I've vented, gotten it all out. So if you're really angry now, go YouTube some old NBA on NBC clips. It does a body good.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Drew Bledsoes Final Farewell to Football

From the Dallas Morning News:

A bit old, but it discusses Drew Bledsoes life after football. Apparently, he's really involed in his community and owns a few business ventures. But, it also reveals some very sad news....

"Bledsoe laughed when asked if he intended to follow in the cleats of Vinny Testaverde, who signed with Carolina last week. A few teams have called, but Bledsoe said no. He likes what he's doing. "

Well, looks like my time as a Drew Bledsoe fan finally may have ended, as the dagger has stricken the tired, old heart of his career.

I can now only hope that he gets bored and comes back as some other have....but I doubt it.

From the times I first played with him in Madden NFL '99, to the time I saw him get injured by the Jets in Week 3, to the time I saw him replace Tom Brady to win the NFC Championship, to the times I saw him sturggling with the Bills, to the time I saw him narrowly miss the playoffs in 2005, and to the time I saw him throw that damning interception against the were the loser. You were the underdog. You never won a Super Bowl....but, you were there. And through all of this stress....I enjoyed every bit of it. And you did, too.

Farewell, Drew Bledsoe. It's been a fun ride.

Derek Anderson....your time has come.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Excellent Warrior Videos

In case you've been living under a rock, here are some great Warrior videos for you to enjoy:

The Warriors international players (sans Pietrus) horseshoes. Get ready to literally LMAO. You can't hear a word they are saying, and the audio to go with it is just...beautiful. I love it. If only Adonal were there....

Not as funny, but it has its moments. Baron, Stephen, and Al all dance to "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" (Barney is better at it though). Baron also attacks Brandan Wright for looking at the bench too much when he makes mistakes. Riiiight.

(Credit Plissken at the Buzzer and Golden State of Mind for these finds.)


Old Warrior Interviews:

Adonal: I respect trash talkers, because by the time I get down the floor, I'm so tired that I can't think of anything funny to say! It is truely an artform. (Flies away with bad graphic.)

Dance Videos:

(Note how Adonal is the only one in a suit.)

Okay, I'll finally close this video heavy post with Troy Hudsons winning shot over the Los Angeles Lakers in the only televised game this Pre-Season.

Let's hope that he won't shoot when pressed, and that he'll find open shots....Reguardless, a nice shot.

Reader Poll

If you read this blog, please tell me if you like my style of preview that I did below (rections of the moment) or if you would like a more "traditional" style recap.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Adonal on ESPN 2 vs. Cleveland Pre-Season Version II

Game Notes:

Interesting combo of Rick Kamla and Hubie Brown. I'm really enjoying it. I can't wait until Kamla makes it big.

Pat Garrity seems to be Adonals Anti-Drug. Good shooter, not that great of a defender, doesn't bang much. Reminds me of Austin Croshere or Troy Murphy. I'm worried that they'll opt for him because he's similar to recently injured Tony Battie.

Adonal seems to be shying away from the ball and setting picks. This is also evident in his last 2 games. I think it's more Stan Van Gundy than anything.

Attempted reverse by Adonal was double teamed due to slow passing by a teammate. Sigh....At least he forced a TO on the other side.

Kamla and Hubie Brown say that Adonal will "really help them defensively". A good sign.

Adonal Vs. Big Z. Should be....interesting.

Adonal has a big brain inside of his big head. Also, a team guy. A real loss to the Bay Area community. Not only a fine man, but a true porfessional. They need his size and shotblocking. I could listen to this all day!

2 Free Throws made....rolling style.

Now, the dissing comes.

Kamla: Ouch.
Brown: If he does that, he needs to compose himself more.
Kamla: He's no THAT athletic, is he Hubie?
Brown: No.

He may not have found his offensive game, but Adonal has done some excellent hustling and rebounding.

Adonal is getting too easily drawn into fouls.

J.J. Redick still looks like a rookie.


Hubie Brown mentioned how Adonal played together with Howard (in the first 2 preseason games), and how it was an excellent formula because they both have big bodies, shotblocked, rebounded, hustled, and Howard could score. So it would work well for them in games.


Both announcers mentioning how good Garrity and Foyle are. Garrity hitting shots, Adonal Foyle "going to work". Could be a tight race.

Kamla: Adonal Foyle, on the floor, in his 30s, in a friendly, getting dirty!

Redick is improving as the game progresses.

Foyle BLOCKT Gibson!!!!

Adonal needs to learn how to DUNK, not make soft layups.

Adonal is also looking kind of soft defensively, but he's trying.

J.J. Redick loves it from the corner (not corner, but halfway between the corner and the middle).

Redick has some arguments with Adonal. Loser!

Bogans is not looking bad. Dude can shoot.


Brown: You have to go back to his early career....
Kamla: It's a rennissance for Adonal Foyle!!!!

Now the Quote about his offense has become much, much more meaningful.

ADONAL DREW THE CHARGE!!!! Way to reduce foulage!!!!

Honestly Adonal was looknig much better than Augustine, and Adonal had been in since 7 some minutes to go in the 4th. I'm really psyched for this season. I assume he played so many minutes because Howard wanted rest. However, I feel bad for the China fans who didn't really get to see superstars. Don't worry China, your time will come.

(Also, Adonal video highlights sometime this week.)

Other General NBA Notes:

The Celtics-Nets Game today was called at halftime when the ice below the floor started melting. (More Detailed Recap) I read in Sports Illustrated for Kids back in the day that it had happened once before during a 1997 Suns-Celtics game. After further research, I've learned hat it happens every once in a while, and is only some what rare. It still an interesting note, nonetheless, especially people spilling out onto the floor during the post game autograph session.

Locks of the Week: Week 6

OK, there's obviously stuff to be discussed over Locks of the Week, but before I get to that, there are some baseball notes I want to "touch base" with. First off, the Rockies were able to advance to the World Series in beastly fashion. They have not lost since the regular season in an epic game vs the Diamondbacks. This is an historic happening. I was in Colorado right during the trade deadline. Everyone was expecting a blockbuster deal to propel the Rockies into the playoffs. Nothing happened. Woody Paige, in one of his articles in the Denver Post, basically called them a dead duck, or at least not doing enough to save their season. In retrospect, such a claim is laughable. However, this dream almost never happened. They had to participate in a play-in game just to get to the playoffs. Imagine if they had dropped that game. We'd be minus a World Series team. We'd probably talking about what a great story the Diamondbacks season was. But they didn't drop that game. They haven't dropped any playoff game. And considering where they were, this is truly a Cinderella story.

Good call Woody

There's a whole lotta drama on the AL side of things. First off, Josh Beckett completely shut down my Cleveland Indians. We finaly know what happens when an unstoppable force (Josh Beckett) meets the immovable object (C.C. Sabathia). Oh well, we got Fausto Carmona on the mound tonight, and I think we'll take the pennant even if it takes a game seven. As fascinating as this is, I have to talk about Joe Torre and the Yankees. I was schocked that they actually offered Joe Torre an offer, not to mention an offer with the kind of potential that one had. So, you can only imagine the kind of shock I had when he turned it down. Why I wonder. He loved that job, or at least he said he did. Was the pressure to much for him? I can see how someone would hate their job if George Steinbrenner was their boss. But still, it was his dream job, or so we thought. He mentioned that the money wasn't enough, but the offer was good enough to make him one of the top 3 if not the top paid manager in all of baseball. Who knows. What I do know is that some team is going to get one heck of a manager and a person in Joe Torre, and I hope he goes somewhere where he can win without Stein Mart and the media breathing down his neck.

You gotta love Si Si

Alright, now for the locks. I've got Penn State (-7) over Indiana for college and Dallas (-9.5) to cover against the Minnesota Vikings. I made this pick despite my love for Adrian Peterson, because I like the matchup so much. Hopefully these picks can help widen my lead.

Zorgon has Baylor (+25) against the spread with Texas and the Dolphins (+17) against the Patriots. Though I'm not sure what the Dolphins pick is all about, perhaps he needs to pull out all the stops in order to take the lead.

Last but not least, Frost had South Florida (-3) last night against Rutgers. Ouch, Jason, not a good start to the week. I never did beleive in South Florida. Let me take this time to laugh. Mwahahahahahaha! Ok, and his pro pick is going against Zorgon, New England to cover (-17) against the Fins.

It's "R" Time, baby!

The Standings:
okluschen 5-4-1
Zorgon 5-5
Frost 4-5-1

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adonal Double Dip Delayed Until Saturday

Because right now, there isn't much to talk about. Here's hopes for a better Saturday!

Adonal Vs. Cleveland
Adonal Vs. Yao-Less China

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Foyle's Travels!

Adonal Foyle is making a travel blog for the Orlando Sentinel.

"It's (also) an interesting blend of modernization (growth) with traditionalism (people riding bicycles, scooters in streets, some small shops, people practicing tai chi). It's pretty incredible. There is an incredible juxtaposition between the two. Somehow they have been able to experience modernization and yet still kept a pretty tight lid on the culture and still hold on to their cultural experiences, too. It's a pretty amazing place."

It is pretty fascinating. However, it's obvious that if they had a democratic governement, they wouldn't suddenly become United States #2. I think that as China advances more, it will become more and more evident what the differences between us will be, now that the technology barrir will have been broken down.

He also mentions how they spent a long plane ride (18 hours) together, and how it helped them come closer as a team. All in all, a short but sweet read. Just click on the image to see.

Reminder: Wake up at 8:00 AM EST/5:00AM PST to watch Adonal Versus Yao! I've been getting pupmed to see a rematch of this for so long, it's rediculous. Recap of this, yesterdays, and Saturdays game along with video highlights to come!!!!

Chief Wahoo: Time To Go?

From Joe Posnanski's Blog:

The Logo in Question

I am not a baseball man, but this issue extends across all sports, so I thought I'd address it.

This dude wants to get rid of Chief Wahoo, and makes the case that he looks strikingly similar to Jewish Cariacatures from a Holocost Museum. This is the strongest case I've seen yet for changing the logo.

Ask me a few months ago, and I'd be completely against changing any logos for the sake of not offending minorities. I mean, why don't I, as a white man, take offense to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo? Why should we remove it just because of people emotions? Why don't we remove the Grizzlies logo, because I don't like how it portrays Grizzly Bears?

But, ask me now, and I'm a bit more towards the other side. I realise that these things are a part of a sick, twisted history. It's like putting a confederate flag up. But, is it really worth ruining all of this tradition?

You know what? I'm not the expert on this stuff. I really shold've left this post to OkLuschen....I'll ask him to add on to the end later.

In any case, check out the article.

Your 7-Day Forecast

Things have been as slow as Robert Traylor here at Adonal Obsessed, so I just thoguht I'd give you guys a quick update on what's ahead and whats behind.

We may be slow, but we're still SLAMMIN'!!!!

First of All, I'd like to announce what has been left behind:

Weekly NFL and NCAA Recaps
The weekly description of almost every single game of College Football and every single game of NFL action simply got annoying. I want most things on this blog to be things I look forward to doing, not things I dread doing.

Okay, so now that we're past that, lets see what you can look forward to on Adonal Obsessed:

NFL and NCAA Power Rankings
Hey, they'll at least be better than this guys....

Each week, I will be doing power rankings for the NFL and NCAA, while mentioning on a few teams that I saw were just terrible in NCAA via a "Dishonourable Mention" section. There will also be comments on each ranking.

Locks of the Week

OkLuschen will continue on with the locks of the week. I'm sorry if it's disinteresting to you, but we enjoy it, so you must suffer!

Thursday Adonal Double Dip
NBATV will be broadcasting 2 games tomorrow featuring the Orlando Magic, and, more importantly, Adonal Foyle. Expect lengthy recaps, and possibly video highlights. No, I have not seen the box score, so do not spoil the surprise for me.

NBA Season Preview: Predicting the Games
I, Zorgon, will predict every single game on the NBA schedule. Including playoffs. Some games may have comments. It will also be interesting to see how my rankings of NBA teams compare before and after I predict the NBA games.
Best ************** of All-Time?
OkLuschen has devised a formula....okay, I won't ruin any more of it for you, it will be a great surprise. I guarantee a front page on BallHype!!!!

More Jason Frost Articles
Or else!

Less Inconsistency (Or An Attempt at it)
We would really love for this to be a place you can stop by daily and see something new. Unfortunately, sometimes that's not the case. All three of the writers are in a rigourous IB programme in High School, which requires a lot more work than your average joe high school. So, sometimes we just can't find the time to post the latest. Sorry. :-(

So, now that you've seen the 7 day forecast, its time for your Local Sports.
Yeah, like the weather is EVER this nice....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 5

One word sums up the domination of one team, one person like no other. Dynasty. It feels so good off the tounge. Just say it. Dynasty. The Oklahoma Sooners of the 40s and 40s, The Steelers of the 70s, The Bulls of the 90s, The Tiger Woods of Today. It may be just a tad premature, but I beleive I am on the verge of such greatness. Yes, your favorite picker has taken the lock of the week lead. Ok, ok, hold your applause. I haven't won yet, though it seems to be just a matter of time.

Yes, okluschen and Tiger have much in common.

Last week I had the genius pick of Auburn to cover against Vanderbilt. What was Vegas thinking? And in the NFL, I had The Jaguars to cover against the Chiefs. Not only did they cover, but they only gave up a shutout with a meaningless Brodie Croyle Hail Mary as time expired. The master locks keep on rollin' this week. I pick, no, I know that LSU (-9) and Glen Dorsey will cover against the Kentucky Fried Wildcats this Saturday. I also know that Tennessee (+3) and Vince Young will make Vegas embarassed this week. Ya, I got them against the spread vs Tampa Bay. Never take sides with a gay quarterback, right TO?

What do you mean TO does things just for attention?

Zorgon picked Tulsa to cover against The University of Texas at El Paso, a game they lost. His pro lock was Green Bay to cover against Chi-Town, another loss. Zorgon hopes to evade such fortunes this week, with his picks of Rice (+20.5) against the spread vs Houston, and in the NFL, New England to cover (-4.5) against The Dallas Cowboys in the game of the week, a game where TO (#81) called out Randy Moss (also #81) in a letter to the media.

Just look at how uncomfortable the media makes him. He hates attention.

And now we got Jason Frost. He picked OU last week, who won the game, but did not cover. However, his New England pick did hold steady. For this week, Illinois (-3.5) is his pick to cover against Iowa. He also picked Washington (+3) against the spread vs. Green Bay. Green Bay has Brett Favre. TO wanted to play with Brett Favre. What a coincidence!

YES! I was able to tie in Terrell Owens yet again!

OK, and the current standings are...
1) okluschen at 5-3
2) Jason Frost at 4-4
3) Zorgon at 3-5

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adonal Domination

Just a Quick Update:

Magic vs. Hawks
Magic vs. Bobcats

Adonal Foyle is having a Fantabulous Pre-Season, and is making a very STRONG case to be the starter.

11 points and 6 rebounds seemd crazy....

But TONITE he had 14 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2 assists! In 27 Minutes! SERVICABLE BACKUP?!?!?! More like: ALLSTAR!!!!

And Dwight Howard? 10 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 1 assist! FOYLE: FTW!!!!

I CANNOT WAIT for one of these games to be televised, and I REAAAALLLY want to make a mixtap of him soon.

Keep hauling the mail, Adonal. Keep hauling the mail.

Also, big THANK YOU to the Magic for making what NEVER would have been possible under Don Nelson. Even so, I still love you Warriors!!!!

The last night of the WFL

Before reading my post, please refer yourself to my Golden State of Mind Diary, "The Last Night of the ABA".

So, I went to the "real" last time the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets would be in Oklahoma City. If I could describe it in one would be "spooky".

So, I walked in to the Ford Center, and the same attendants were there. A good feeling filled my lungs. I grabbed a program, a towel and slapped Hugo (the Mascot)s' hand. I then walked in to the concourse....and that feeling was gone. I realised that the "program" was a roster and a thank you to sponsors printed in black on a piece of blue construction paper. The towel had this stupid design on it and said "New Orleans Hornets" instead of the good old "Hornets Basketball". The magic was gone.

Program indeed....

I then went to the pizza stand where I used to get pizza, and the sellers had no spunk. My $4 pizza tasted the same, and so did my $3 bottled soda, but it just didn't feel the same.

I sat in my seat, and there was little to no pre-game entertainment. All of the sponsorships were gone. Very little fans were there. The players seemed lackluster.

Fast forwarding to 5 minuse before the game, there was a sudden INFLUX of fans. Like 2000. There were even some crazy Asians who came just to cheer for Yao Ming. In any case, by tipoff we had about 7000 fans. I was disappointed. They had a few videos thanking OKC, and Chris Paul came out and said, "Yeah, we're in New Orleans now, but keep supporting us!" (Yeah, we'll support you like Omaha fans support the Sacramento Kings!!!!)

So, the game started (the announcer kept calling the team New Orleans instead of "Hometown Hornets" like he used to). The Hornets performed like poo. At least Rob Nice was there. They had the same entertainment, but minus the sponsorships. (IE, instead of Super Sonic Seat Upgrade, it was Hornets Seat Upgrade.) Notes on some of the players:

- Peja was definately shaking the rust off. Dude played like poo.

- Adam Haluska should've been MVP. Pretty good at his deep 2s and short 3s, and he kept us in the game.

- At first, Luis Scola was BALLIN, but then faded out a bit. I have high hopes for this d00d, although not as high as the hopes I have for Tiago Splitter. TAU Ceramica will really suck this year.

-Hilton Armstrong was alright. I'll give him another year.

-Steve Francis looks like he might not start. Looks liek they're trying to get him into the flow of the team first.

-Melvin Ely didn't play. I don't think he'll even make the 12 man roster, maybe on IR.

-Where's David Wesley? I didn't see him, I was looknig forward to him.

-A lot of fans were like, "PUT IN MOTUMBO!" Sadly, he didn't play a lick. He laughed at the thought. (The Dudes 41! Like he needs Preseason!)

-Kirk Snyder was cheered for. Nice to see we all remember him.

Yao make Basket!!!!

-Yao dominated. No suprise. The asians were going crazy.

In any case, the first half was pretty bad, with a bit of positive in the 2nd. At the half, attendance was so low that Loud City fans were invited to come on down to the Lower Level. Strangely, some stayed up there.

But then when the comeback started coming on, it felt like old times. All of the old fans (like Brick guy) were there. It was JUST as loud as 19,000 fans. The hornets were making a big comeback, and once they came back, staying with (even ahead of) the Rockets. It was the perfect game. My spirit was uplifted. And even when the game was almost over, and it was pretty assured that the Hornets would win, only about 5 fans left. Everyone else stayed. You could tell that everyone here was the real hardcore fans. It was just had to remind yourself not to look up, or the dream would be ruined (empty seats).

So, the game ended, the Hornets won an irrelevant game. I stood for a while, taking it all in. I then left the practically empty stadium to the cold, dark night. I never looked back, knowing that I wouldn't see NBA Basketball again for quite some time. I now know how it was in the last night....of the World Football League.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Offense Will be a Part of Adonals Game This Year, or so he Says....

From Third Quarter Collapse:

"I think people will be surprised with my offense, which is a good thing. Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean I don't have it," he said. "It's been percolating beneath the surface all these years. It's like a doctor who has to go to school for quite awhile before he can practice medicine."

-Adonal Foyle

Stick that one right on the wall. Mark it down. Adonal Foyle's All-Star season has begun....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 4

It is week 4 of the locks of the week, and here we are, all tied up. Yes, it is quite the log jam. That being said, let there be no delay in the current state of things...

Last week I had New England, who more than covered vs Cincy and Wisconsin, who won (YAY!) but did not cover (NOO!). Regardless, I was still able to tie Frost and Zorgon for the lead. For this week, I have Auburn (-7.5) against Vanderbilt for college and Jacksonville (-2.5) to cover against Kansas City.

Zorgon's locks last week were Syracuse to cover against Miami of Ohio (that was a loss) and Green Bay against Minnesota (a win). To try and take the lead this week he has Green Bay (-3) again against the struggling Chicago Bears and Tulsa (-3) vs the UTEP Miners.

And last but not least, Jason Frost has fallen hard in recent weeks and needs some solid picks to boost him up again. He went with OU again (he's never picked anyone else) and he's got New England (-14.5) to cover against the Cleveland Browns, he hopes to offset his pick of the Jets to cover against Buffalo the week before.

OU Homer

Just a last recap of the standings, it is all tied up; Zorgon, okluschen, and Frost at 3-3. This week will take a big part in the season, both in picks and in the regular season.

Baron Davis....Stephen Jackson...and MATT BARNES Named Captains?!?!!?

From ESPN:

Don Nelson, yet again, has pulled some bull right out of his oversized pocket.

Stephen Jackson....captain? The dude has gotten ejected too many times too many times....does anyone realise that he and Baron Davis were about one step from getting themselves suspended, and making the Dallas upset never happen? Does anyone realise that his emotions may have cost us the series against Utah? Does anyone realise that these first 7 games that he misses may cost us the playoffs? Get this crap outta my house! You gotta love his heart, but until he learns to keep his anger in check, he's no captain of mine.

Matt Barnes....captain? Approximately one year ago, he was the un-heard of scrub who came to training camp and barely made the team. He did improve, remarkably, to being a consistent BENCH performer. The dude is lucky to crack the starting lineup when there's injuries! During the playoffs his missed 3s killed the Warriors! I'm sorry, but until this guy can prove himself as a STARTER, let alone CAPTAIN, then he is no captain of mine.

Baron Davis is sensible.

Okay, so you're saying, "Zorgon, who could possibly be better?" Oh, I'll tell you who....

4 Possibilities:

Al Harrington: A dude with all the heart and hustle of JAckson, and NONE of the suspensions. Sure, his talent dipped during the early 'offs, but he brings consistent startability along with experience.

Andris Biedrins: Okay, this dude is young, but we all know he's an example to set. He was what, 4th in Most Improved Player rankings? He may not be the leader, but he gets his boards, gets his points, and it's all business.

Monta Ellis: See above, except that he is even better! The dude is still learning, but it's learning basketball skills, not trying to control your anger when you're over 30 years old. Oh, and: Monta for Dunk Contest! Member #1!

Mikael Pietrus: Okay, he might have the same amount of talent or less than Barnes, but the dudes now one of the longest (maybe THE longest) tenured warrior with the sad departure of Jason Richardson, and the even worse departure of League MVP, Adonal Foyle (who this blog was named after).

Bottom Line: Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes are probobly the 2 worst captains in the National Basketball Association.

Suck it, Don Nelson.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Props to Gilbert Arenas, UnProps to Gilbert Arenas, and THE TERMINATOR!!!!

From The Gilbert Arenas Blog.
Mark Ecko's ball.

Overall, a very convincing essay. I normally don't agree with this guy, but he makes a great case for not asterisking the ball. IMO, asterisking it is a travesty.

But before this guy goes criticizing Ecko for branding the ball, how about he apologizes for being so cocky at his NBA Live 08 cover unveiling? He acted so selfish, talking the whole time about how great his cover is, when his team was struggling in the playoffs. He gave virtually no support to them, basically saying, "Wait until Super-Gilbert Arenas comes back."

Oh, and don't start talking trash about the TERMINATOR!!!! (Politics aside.) He only has to be the awesomest actor in the world! Terminators 1 and 2 are seriously my favourite movies of all time. So, watch yourself Gilbert!

(For those of you who want to talk to me about Arnolds steroid abuse, don't. I agree that it was bad what he did, but this dude was my childhood hero, so I gotta defend him.)

Props to Spree4Threee on Golden State of Mind for posting this in the diaries section.

Of Losing And The Fall Classic

There were just a few things I wanted to get out there today. First of all, all three of my fav football teams losing this weekend. That would be (to those that don't know already) The Oklahoma Sooners, Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, and and Denver Broncos. Yes it was a tough week for me. The Irish I at least knew would suck it up on the gridiron, but it hurt worse to know that it could esaily have been a victory. The major problem for them is, well, everything. No identity on offense, a think defense, very depressing. But don't let the lack of on the field success fool you, Charlie Wies is the still the man. Sure, Ty Willingham was fired for less, but he also did less. 2 BCS bowls, Ty was putting us in the Sun Bowl or whatever, I don't even remember. And don't forget, it was recruiting that was a major factor in Ty getting fired. Sure, he brought in Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardizja, and Maurice Stovall. But, what did he do with those players. Brady Quinn was laughable before Weis. And currently, based on commitments and who you ask, Notre Dame and Charlie have the top ranked recruiting class.

Racism was not the issue in Willingham getting the pink slip.

As for the Sooners and Broncos, both were disapointing as well. The Sooners offense couldn't give the defense a rest in that altitude. Plus, Bob Stoops had a moronic moment in which he didn't bother to use his timeout when the clock was ticking away for Colorado to have a game-winning oppurtunity. At least you'd think he'd try to ice the kicker. The Broncos have another problem. That would be the Run D. They're giving up more than 25 more rushing yards per game than they are earning to the likes of Marshawn Lynch, LaMont Jordan, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Joseph Addai. Sure, Jay Cutler is young and making a few mistakes, but he still has tremendous upside, and really his stastistics are not that bad.

Victory for OU and Nic Harris just out of reach

Now for the MLB playoffs. I still can't get over the Mets. How do you not make the playoffs after leading a division for over 5 months? However, I'm happy for the Philies as they are full of likeable players. Also, the Rockies were able to finish off the Padres in the play-in game last night. That was quite a game, let me tall ya. Helton, Holiday, and Tulowitzki are also likeable players.

That's a game-winner

Looking at the matchups now, the most intriguing first rounder in the AL is Cleveland and New York, for the NL, Cubs and Arizona. If the Yankees were playing anyonw other than the Indians, I'd pick them to win it all. But I gotta stick by my team, so I've got Cleveland winning a thrilling 5-game series. In the World Seires, I've got Boston and the Cubs! Of course, Boston will dominate Chi Town, but that would be a fun series. Alright, can't wait to see what happens, cya.