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Sunday, February 3, 2008


I immediately retract my statement saying that Eli Manning was not Unstoppable.

Congrats, Giants!!!!

And Patriots: Consider this revenge for benching Drew Bledsoe!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: BCS Bowl

BCS Bowl

Ohio State leads the All-Time Series, 1-0-1. They have not met since 1987.

Ohio State: Win Against Michigan
Lousiana State: Win Against Tennessee

Ohio State Advantages:
They tore through the Big Ten, and only lost to Illinois in a close one.
Looking for revenge, as they were destroyed by Florida in the last BCS Championship Game.
They have the #1 Defense in the nation.
LB Laurinaitis leads the team with 5 sacks, 2 INTs, and 103 Tackles.
CB Malcolm Jenkins has 3 INTs.
The offense is lead by 23 TD 12 INT QB Todd Boeckman.
Chris Wells propelled the ground game with 1,463 yards and 14 touchdowns.
Brian Robiskie helped Ohio State with 885 receiving yards and 10 TDs.
They actually have go to guys, which may help them in the long run.

Ohio State Disadvantages:
The Big Ten has been incredibly weak this year, and Ohio State has really no power wins inside the Top 20.
Their defense should be taken with a grain of salt when compared to their schedule.

Louisiana State Advantages:
Played rather well through a grueling SEC schedule. Won against the likes of Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Tennessee.
They play rather well in late game situations, with Les Miles sometimes being an evil genius (credit to OKLuschen for the term).
They employ a 2-QB system, so an injury to a QB won't affect them as much.
They use 4 Running backs, the leader of which is 1,017 yard rusher Jacob Hester.
They also have a deep recieving core also, lead by 641 yarder Brandon LaFell.
Uhm....their team is stacked at all positions?
They have the nations Bronco Nagurski, Glenn Dorsey. He has 6 sacks and 11 1/2 tackles.

Louisiana State Disadvantages:
Weak losses to Kentucky and Arkansas. They could have lost to better teams.
Have had a number of close calls.
Les Miles carrazy play calls may just lead to his demise.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: LSU. This will be a closer game then people expect, yet the talent edge and home field advantage will prove to much for Ohio State as the Vest loses another championship game 31-24.

OKLuschen: LSU. I really wanna go Ohio State here, but I can't deny the Bayou Bengal talent edge. Glenn Dorsey is back in business and this LSU defense is bigger and stronger than any Ohio State has seen all season, not to mention faster, which is the constant Achille's Heel for the Big Ten. I got the Tigers, but in a game closer than last years demolition.

Zorgon: LSU. These teams are so statisticially's almost possbile to discern. But in the end, Les Miles superior coaching, LSUs superior depth, and their superior schedule will pull through in the end. LSU wins in a nail-biter.

Bottom Line: Ohio State 0, Louisiana State 3

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: GMAC Bowl

GMAC Bowl (Pronounced Gee-Mack, not Gee-emm-ay-cee)

Tulsa leads the all-time series, 1-0. The game was a 45-10 win at home in 1989.

Tulsa: Loss to UCF after 5 game tear through Conference USA
Bowling Green: 4 Game tear through the Mid-American Conference

Tulsa Advantages:
Tulsa has the best offense in the nation yards per game wise.
QB Paul Smith may be a midget, but 42 TDs and 4,753 yards don't lie. And yes, that's more than Colt Brennan, and tied with Graham Harrell.
They lead Oklahoma 7-0 in the first quarter.
They aren't pass-exclusive, like Hawaii. They have Tarrion Adams (1,113 yards, 9 TDs).
They crushed Houston.
There is a distinct possibility that they could use their decent running game against Bowling Greens 107th ranked run defense, not ot mention Paul Smiths speedy legs.

Tulsa Disadvantages:
Conference USA had gone an atrocious 1-4 in bowl games this year.
They haven't beaten a good opponent all season, and even lost to UTEP by a point.
They have shown little adaptibility, losing to UCF twice by virtually the same score.
I'd daresay they have less depth than BGSU, simply because they haven't been as good for as long.
Their defense is ranked 111th.

Bowling Green Advantages:
They've beaten a Big Tenn opponent in Minnesota, and played respectably against Michigan State and Boston College.
Their defense is ranked 78th, and while not spectacular, is much more respectable than Tulsas.
Their QB, Tyler Sheehan, has 3,123 yards and 23 TDs. Not quite Paul Smith numbers, but very good nonetheless.
They are 29th in Pass Defense, with their Safety, P.J. Mahone, having 220 INT return yards, tied for first in the nation.

Bowling Green Disadvantages:
The Mid-American Conference only submitted 3 teams to bowls, and the other two (Ball State and Central Michigan) have lost handily.
Lost a couple crappers at Ohio and Miami of Ohio.
Sheehan relies a lot on Freddie Barnes, so if he goes out, so may Bowling Greens chances of victory.
Almost no running game to speak of, with 2 Running Backs who have about 500 yards a piece.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLueschen: TBA

Zorgon: Tulsa. While both are very similarly styled teams, and played very similar conference schedules, the fact is that Tulsa just played that much better. They had better numbers offensively, only have one bad loss (rather than two, like Bowling Green) and actually have a running game to speak of. Even in a bad conference, 42 TDs don't lie, and Bowling Greens balence just may be their demise. And hey, as I mentioned earlier, Tulsa could open it up a lot on the ground against the atrocious Bowling Green run defense. As for Bowling Green taking advantage of Tulsa's defense, well, they've been facing those defenses all year, and couldn't light it up as good as Tulsa has. Tulsa in a 50 pointish game that ends in the 3rd quarter.

Bottom Line: Tulsa 1, Bowling Green 0

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: International Bowl

International Bowl

okluschen: Though I'm sure you live and die by the opinions of the fine writers here at AdonalObsessed, every once and awhile we like to flex our influence and invite a celebrity to be a guest writer on our blog. So, seeing as how this is the bowl played in Canada, we thought it would be appropriate to invite the Maple Leaf's most famous native. Unfortunately, Pamela Anderson was busy. So, we decided to book Canada's second favorite, please give it up for the one, the only, Dudley Do-Right!

Dudley: Why thank you. OK, it is an honor indeed. I am an avid reader of this blog, of course. I enjoy especially the many, many articles by my favorite writer, Jack Frost! This may come as a suprise to some of you, but I am a big fan of your American Football and considered the guru of my fantasy CFL league. I love the Toronto Argonauts and admire my signed Ricky Williams jersey, which I keep framed in Horse's stable, every day. Now, without further adieu, the International Bowl...

Zorgon: Background:
The two teams have met once, on Sept. 29, 1989. It was a 31-All tie. They played in an empty lot, but were kicked out by the landlord in the 3rd quarter, so finished the game in an empty parking lot. Needless to say, a lot has changed for these two programs since then.

*Do not streak please, it is against Canadian law and a very distasteful habbit.
Ball State is on a two game winning streak
Rutgers lost it's last contest to Louisville

Ball State Eurekas!:
This is the best season these Cardinals have had since, I don't know, probably at least since my live-action movie flopped in '99.
It could quite possibly be the best passing attack in the entire Big MAC conference.
Played well against 3 BCS conference teams this season (Illinois who played in the Rose Bowl, Indiana who played in a bowl, and traditional power Nebraska)

Ball State Tiddlywinks:
Played in the cupcake MAC conference.
Have a poor rush defense, 99th in the nation.
Most impressive win...Navy? Now, if they had played the Mountie Academy, that would have been different. Yes, I love the Mountie Academy Midhorsemen. Come to think of it, I think they've got a game against Notre Dame next season...

Rutgers Eurekas!:
Ray Rice is a top notch running back, first in the Big East in Touchdowns and 3rd in the nation in rushing.
Bad news for the Ball State passing attack, the Rutgers pass defense is ranked second in the country, giving up only 160.58 yards per game in the air.
Greg Schiano can coach with the best of 'em and has the kind of loyalty and pride in Rutgers and Piscattaway, NJ that is compareable to my loyalty to the country, and God save the Queen...still...

Rutgers Tiddlywinks:
A very far drop off from last season's great run.
One of the worst punting teams in all of college football.
Run defense is a liability at times.

Writer's Predictions:
okluschen: Rutgers. Rutgers has the heavy talent edge here. I think the defense matches up well against Ball State. I also like how we always send such great teams to other countries to be our football ambassadors. 49ers, Dolphins, now Ball State.

Dudley Do-Right: Rutgers. Because Scarlet Knights could easily be a metaphor for Mounties. Speaking of symbolism, Ball State is sort of like the lovely Nell Fenwick in this matchup. Sure, you love 'em, but she's defenseless, and tied to the tracks.

Zorgon: Rutgers. While some would argue that the Big East is overrated, noone can argue that the Mid-American conference is overrated, because it's darn near the Sun Belt, and everyone knows it. It's a sheer mircale that Ball State has a winning record, much less in a bowl at all. Losses to Central Michigan, Nebraska, and Miami (of OHIO) do not translate well at all. Looking for power wins? Look no further than Central Michigan, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Northern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Navy. Aside from Navy, only Western Kentucky has a winning record (and they played all 1-AA teams and even a 1-AAA opponent). It can be argued that all of their wins came to teams who would be ranked in the triple digits (except Navy). Rutgers? Well, yeah, they completely fell apart, but they are not a stinking pile of trash, just a 15 year old refrigerator that leaks every so often. The ONLY reason Ball State is in this bowl is because of their close proximity to Canada. This is a travesty for everybody. I'm sure Troy would be happy to be in this bowl right now. Rutgers wins 86-0. At halftime, they call the game off. Okay, not really. But it'll be like 45-17.
Oh, I love Ball States logo though. It looks like it was made in the 80s.

Jason Frost: Rutgers. Ball State has a terrible run defence. Rutgers has a terific run offense. Rutgers wins big.

Bottom Line:
Rutgers 4, Ball State 0

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Orange Bowl

Orange Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Kansas: Loss to Missouri after a tear through the scum of the Big 12
Virginia Tech: 5 Wins, including Florida and Boston College

Kansas Advantages:
They've proven they can handle some of the Big 12s Mid-Major teams.
Their coach is Mark Mangino. He likes Waffles. He is Coach of the Year.
In their only loss, their performance against Missouri was incredibly respectable.
They have no real stars....mostly a combination of everything at every position. Kind of the Opposite of Colt Brennan and his high flying offense.
That being said, Aqib Talib is a great corner (almost best defensive player of the year), and Todd Reesing (QB) has set 20 Kansas school records....but the team is reliant on neither too much.

Kansas Disadvantages:
They have not beaten anyone of significance, except a once 24th ranked Kansas State.
Their actual skill has been questioned. They got into the BCS without going to their conference championship game....essentially penalizing Missouri for doing so. However, it was mostly the Orange Bowls fault. Blame them!
Their schedule strength was....109th. In the nation.
They are a bit reliant on the pass.

Virginia Tech Advantages:
Power wins over Virginia, Boston College, and Clemson.
Their loss to Boston College was really just a fluke.
They have a top notch defense, rated Top-5 in sacks and interceptions in the nation.
They use a 2 Quarterback and Runningback system, so injuries won't affect them as much.
Their special teams have been ace, blocking 2 Field Goals in the ACC championship game against Boston College.
Their Kicker, Jud Dunlevy, has a .875 accuracy rating this season.

Virginia Tech Disadvantages:
They got crushed by LSU, which may siginify that they're high, but not elite just yet.
Anyone who watched the Boston College game knows that they can't play a 2 man rush late in games. The pass rush was almost like watching a game of tag between Bowser, Barney, and the Roadrunner. You know who's going to win.
The announcers will mention the Virginia Tech shootings 2,678 times.
The ACC is 2-5 in bowls this year.
They are without Branden Ore (RB) for the first quarter, and may be without 92-tackle Vince Hall, an All-ACC line backer (Questionable).

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Kansas. What it's really going to come down to is if the cornerback duo of Brandon Flowers and Victor Harris can stop Reesings 32 TD pass game. Even though Kansas Lost, Reesing had an excellent game against Missouri (2 TDs, 2 INTs, he rushed in a TD). And I'm pretty sure he can pull it off against the secondary of Virginia Tech. The Kansas offense will become one-dimentional pretty fast, because with such bad of a schedule and only a decent rushing attack, I'm pretty sure it'll get shut down. On the other side of the ball, Virginia tech will probobly have to rely on it's run, with Kansas stronger corners shutting the Tech pass down. All in all, this will probably be the best bowl game (Yes, better than Ohio State-LSU, and yes, even better than the International and GMAC bowls). This ripsnorter ends 30-27, Kansas.

Bottom Line: Kansas 1, Virginia Tech 0

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl

Background: Oklahoma leads the All-Time series, 2-1. They have not met since 1987.

Oklahoma has won two straight, including the last in the Big XII Championsjip Game in San Antonio.
West Virginia is coming off a heart-breaking loss to Pittsburgh.

Oklahoma Advantages:
Sam Bradford could be a legend-in-making in Norman. He's the most efficient QB in the nation and if he doesn't go down against Texas Tech, OU could be squaring off against the Buckeyes in the Championship.
Malcolm Kelly is one of the best wideouts in program history and will be a star on Sundays.
OU has seen better defenses, but this unit is still as solid as ever. Auston English is a beast of a defensive end, and there may have been no bigger All-American snub than Curtis Lofton at linebacker.
The Sooners have one of the biggest defensive lines in the country, led by All-American Duke Robinson and the behemoth himself, Phil Loadholt.

Oklahoma Disadvantages:
Let's be honest, the team itself is perfect, so I'll just talk about possibile distractions.
OU hasn't won a BCS game since the 2003 Rose Bowl against WASSU, lost three straight since then.
Retard defensive tackle DeMarcus Granger (I think he might be related to Danny Granger, but I'm not certain) won't be playing in this game virtue to his shoplifting at a Pheonix area Burlington Coat Factory.
One of the nation's most talented secondaries will be depleted of some of it's key players, as Reggie Smith is injured and Lendy Holmes is academically ineligible.

West Virginia Advantages:
The Mountaineers could, quite possibly, be the fastest team in Division I football.
Owen Schmidt, Pat White, and Steve Slaton (or Schwhiteton as I like to say) make up one of the best, most versatile backfields in the nation.
They have a balanced, fast defense that makes plays all over the field.
Noel Devine and Darius Reynaud could be the best playmakers you've never heard of.

West Virginia Disadvantages:
Frustration in Morgantown, as yet another coach leaves for the Michigan job in less tahn a year's time.
Though I think that Pat White has an under-rated arm, the Mountaineers are certainly a one-dimensional team offensively.
They have crumbled in the big game, not once, but twice this season. Also, looking down the schedule for some impressive wins, and I got what? Rutgers? Cincinnati?
Probably disappointed, thinking they were headed to the C'hip before the Pittsburgh fiasco.

Writer's Predictions:
okluschen: Oklahoma. Gotta go with my boys here. They've got the talent edge and the only coach they're worried about replacing is Kevin Sumlin (a positional coach for those of you who don't know), for cryin' out loud. Would be worried about the secondary if it wasn't WVA. Since it is, I got the Sooners in a preview for next years championship run.

Zorgon: Oklahoma. Look, I'm trying to take off my Sooner coloured glasses here. These are two very good, very equal football programs. Both suffered hard losses to inferior competition (OU lost to Colorado, WVU lost to Pitt) and OK losses to OK competition (OU lost to Texas Tech, WVU lost to South Florida). Both have powerful, intimidating defenses and excellent offenses. But, the fact is, West Virginias coach ran away to Michigan beefore a BCS bowl, which has to be incredibly demoralizing to the team. Bob Stoops, on the other hand....will probobly coach the Sooners until I die, until he gets an offer from the NFL, or gets and offer from Indiana while getting caught in a NCAA rules violation involving calling players too many times. So, the upper hand has to go to OU, simply because of that. I say the final score is 36-30, Oklahoma, OT.

Jason Frost: Oklahoma. OU has a better offense, better defense, better special teams, play in a stronger conference, and have a better/existant coach. OU big.

Bottom Line: Oklahoma 3, West Virginia 0

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Georgia: 6 game win streak, including wins over Florida, Auburn, and Kentucky
Hawaii: 12 Game Winning Streak over everything

Georgia Advantages:
Georgia has reason to beat make sure that they don't become the next Boise State.
They faced a much tougher schedule, beating 4 ranked opponents along the way.
They have a very promising Freshman runner in Knowshon Moreno. He finished 2nd in SEC rushing.
They have a combo in the backfield, with vet Thomas Brown playing alongside Moreno.
It's not hard to get to New Orleans from Georgia....they'll outnumber the Hawaii fans 10-1. Or more.
As with pretty much every SEC team, they have a good defense.

Georgia Disadvantages:
Losses to South Carolina and Tennessee, both winnable games from Georgias standpoint.
Georgia could possibly treat this game as a "letdown game", having not reached the BCS championship.
Their pass offense is ranked 84th.

Hawaii Advantages:
They won all 11 of their games.
Most were won pretty handily, although a couple were unnessessarily close calls.
They have one of the best offenses in the nation, with Heisman Caliber QB Colt Brennan throwing to 3 recievers who all rank in the top 8 in the nation in receptions per game, and have all surpassed the 1000 yard mark.
Utah and Boise State won, so if Hawaii could win, it would make the case for a playoff even stronger.
It's their first trip out of Hawaii since the 1992 Holiday Bowl, so they're excited to say the least.

Hawaii Disadvantages:
There's no way more than 1,000 fans make it across the Atlantic Ocean and into the Bayou of New Orleans.
Of course, Hawaii has played noone good besides Boise State (upset by ECU). It's not nessessarily their fault, though....noone wants to come to Hawaii from some reason (although when you really think about it, it sounds silly.)
None of the team (except Colt Brennan) has even SEEN a good football team, much less a BCS worthy one.
Their defense is is nothing special....and that's against weak teams.
Their running offense is 113th in Division I. Yeah, safe to say they'll be passing a lot.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Hawaii. Okay, okay, all signs point to Georgia, but if Hawaii can just stop the run, they've got it made. Georgias defense may be good, but I'm sure Hawaii's Triple-WR passing attack can torch it. This could become a big time scorefest if Hawaii gets the pass going and Georgia gets its run going, which I'm sure will both happen. So, key for both teams: Stop the other teams run/pass. And, hey we need playoffs! Not Bowls! Go Hawaii! (Win in OT)

Bottom Line: Georgia 0, Hawaii 1

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Rose Bowl

Background:USC leads series 10-2

Illonois has won its last 4
USC has won its last 4

Illinois advantages:
They beat the number one team in the country
They are 5th in the nation in rushing being led by Rashard Mendenhall and Juice
Michigan beat Florida so the PAC 10 looks stronger then expected
They have the 19th best total defense in the country
They have a QB named Juice

Illinois disadvantages:
They have a sub par passing game
This is their first bowl in 6 years so inexperience could be a factor
As the 13th ranked team in the country they are lucky to be in a BCS game

USC advantages:
Since their loss to Stanford they are 6-1 and +103 in points
They have a fantastic offense putting up no less then 17 points all season
They have allowed the 4th fewest points in the D1
They are USC meaning they have experience, are well coached, and are extremely talented

USC disadvantages:
They lost to the Christmas Tess which could haunt USC only a week after Christmas
Despite their offense being consistent they are not in the top ten in any offensive categories
Chess Comparison:USC is Vladimir Kramnik who is a fantastic defender and used to winning, Illinois is Magnus Carlsen, the 17 year old prodigy who is getting closer and closer to joining the elite.

Jason Frost:USC. Despite Florida's loss to Michigan, I am still not certain about the PAC TEN. This match up looks to be a mismatch with one of the hottest teams in the country, that has proven their ability to stop the run playing against the team that should not be in the BCS and has no passing attack. Look for the experienced Trojans to win big 31-14.
Zorgon: Illinois. USC has looked weak to me all season, and Illinois has a guy named Juice Williams! Juice Williams! That alone is enough to win. In all reality, if Illinois can get their offense going, I'm sure they can beat the stumbling USC, who is oozing with talent every which direction.
Bottom Line: USC 1, Illinois 1

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Gator Bowl

Gator Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Tech is coming off a monster victory over Oklahoma
Virginia lost it's last game to in-state rival Va. Tech.

Texas Tech Advantages:
As always, Texas Tech will enter this game with the number one passing attack in the country.
Michael Crabtree is arguably the best receiver in the nation, and this as only a freshman. The kid's got speed and hands, kind of a Santana Moss-type.
Texas Tech is the only team in the Big XII to be above .500 each of the last 12 seasons.

Texas Tech Disadvantages:
The defense is nothing special. Not bad, but certainly not good either.
One of the most one dimensional teams in the country. They give teams chances in the fourth quarter 'cause they can't run the ball.

Virginia Advantages:
They feature a stout, aggresive defense, led by All-American Chris Long (son of Raiders great Howie Long)
QB Jameel Sewell has shown much improvement towards the end of the season.
Virginia has certainly shown the ability to win the close one, winning six of their games by 7 or less, two of those by 3 or less and three of those by 1!

Virginia Disadvantages:
Their ability to win the close one could most likely be just luck.
The offense is nothing special and, at times, has been down right futile.
A loss to Wyoming and a two point win against Middle Tennessee State...interesting...

Writer's Predicitions:
okluschen: Texas Tech. The Cavaliers simply can't keep pace with high flyin' Red Raider offense. The Cavs have been very fortunate in many games this season. Give Jameel Sewell a couple more years to mature and then we'll talk, but for now, I like Harrell and Crabtree.

Jason Frost: TBA

Zorgon: Texas Tech. Virginia is just a lucky duck. Too many close calls. Well, Texas Tech has pretty much sucked it up too, but they are 1st ranked overall in passing offense, and second in total offense. They can surely run against the best, and the Harrell-Crabtree combination (that even I knew the name of before reading this preview) is ace. However, if Virginia can somehow stop Texas Techs passing game (possible, their defense is a respectable #35), they will have pretty much have stopped the whole team (texas Techs run game is ranked DEAD LAST). But, if OU couldn't stop them, I doubt Virginia will. Texas Tech big.

Bottom Line: Texas Tech 2, Virginia 1