Monday, December 31, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Capital One Bowl

Background:Michigan's 38-30 win in the 2003 Outback Bowl is the only game the two teams have played

Michigan:Lost last game to Ohio State
Florida:Won past four games, the last one against FSU

Florida Advantages:
They played in the title game last year and have many players on the squad who played in last years game
All of their games have been competitive and their looses have all come to currently ranked opponents(including two teams in BCS games)
Urban Meyer is 4-0 in bowls
Tim Tebow was voted the best player in the country
4th in the nation in total offense
Have allowed the 9th fewest rushing yards a game

Florida Disadvantages:
They have a mid level defense
They only have 1 win against a currently ranked opponent

Michigan Advantages:
Lloyd Carr is leaving after the end of the season they will be motivated
They could easily be 10-2 if they came out of the gate quicker
Their only two losses, excluding the first 2 games of the season, have come against currently ranked teams
This will be Mike Harts last game, so we can expect to see an amazing performance from him
They are 23d in the nation in total defense

Michigan Disadvantages:
They have only 1 win against a currently ranked opponent
They lost to Appalachian State, although they would probably be a bowl team if they played in D1.
They play in the relatively weak PAC 10
Have lost 4 straight bowl games

Chess Comparison:Florida is Teimour Radjabov, the relatively young player who usually contends for the world crown. Michigan is Boris Gelfand, one of the oldest players, who is none the less very strong and very solid defensively.

Writer Projections:

Jason Frost: Florida. Florida is yet again one of the top teams in the nation, and again have tremendous offense. They will have no problem with the team that lost to Appalachian State. Look for Michigan to come out strong, yet not have enough offense to keep up. Florida by 3 TDs.
OKLuschen: TBA
Zorgon: Florida. Someone decided to put the #9 ranked team with a Heisman winning Quarterback in a bowl with a coachless non-ranked team, far from its glory days and part of the biggest upset in College Football history? Do the math, people. Mismatches galore, Florida runs all over Michigan. Let's hope this never happens again.

Bottom Line: Florida 2, Michigan 0

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Insight Bowl

Insight Bowl

Background: The series is tied at 0-0-1. The game was played in 1930. We'll have to look at this 7-7 tie pretty closely to determine the outcome of this bowl game.

Indiana: Win against Purdue
Oklahoma State: Loss to Oklahoma

Indiana Advantages:
They are playing in the memory of their lost coach, Terry Hoeppner. His dream was to get to a bowl, and they did, for the first time since 1993.
Their Kicker, Austin Starr, kicked them into this bowl with a win over Old Oaken Bucket Rival, Purdue.
They have an All-Star wideout in James Hardy. 75 catches, 1,075 yards, and 16 touchdowns is nothing to sneeze at, even in the Big 10. He has more touchdowns than most quarterbacks!
To compensate for their passing game, they have a moblie Quarterback in Kellen Lewis, who ran for more TDs (8) than the runningback. He has also thrown for 26 TDs and 10 INTs.

Indiana Disadvantages:
The Big 10 is a weaker conference, and has been under much scrutiny.
They lost to a poo Northwestern team, and won the Purdue game almost by sheer will.
Statistically, their offense and defense is kind of muddled in the early 60s.
Their running game is OK, but not nearly as potent as their passing game.

Oklahoma State Advantages:
They come out of what is arguably a stronger conference.
QB Zac Robinson has really come on as a star, throwing for 20 TDs in a tough Big 12.
Aside from their great passing game, Dantrell Savage helps them a lot by leading the Big 12 in rushing yardage. He even had a 108 yard game against the tough Oklahoma D.
A lot of the games they faced were virtually unwinnable. I'd hate to face 3 BCS teams and Texas.
They have 4 go to recievers, which gives them a real spread-out passing attack.

Oklahoma State Disadvantages:
Suffered a then incredibly embarrassing loss to Troy.
The NFL Network will probobly play the Mike Gundy press conference 22 times during the game.
They have an atrocious defense, ranked 103rd in the nation.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Indiana. Mike Gundy himself said that the teams who win Bowl games are the ones who want to be there more, and I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. Indiana is playing in the memory of a coach who just died, and who was cheering for the team until the very end of his life. Oklahoma State, meanwhile, is trudging to another medicore bowl while reciecing waaaay too much money from Boone Pickens. They know they deserve more, and I just don't know if they care. Oh, and their defense is worse than Toledos. Oklahoma State is better, but I say Indiana wins a very close, very offensive game by sheer willpower.

Bottom Line: Indiana 1, Oklahoma State 0

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Humanitarian Bowl

Humanitarian Bowl

Fresno State leads the series 1-0, with a Silicon Valley Classic victory on Dec. 31st, 2002.

Georgia Tech: Loss to Georgia
Fresno State: Wins at Kansas State and New Mexico State

Georgia Tech Advantages:
Has beaten a powerful Clemson team.
They were just a smidgen away from beating Maryland and Virginia.
They pride themselves on a 12th ranked defense.
The players will want to put on a good impression for their new coach, Paul Johnson. Especially the offense.
Tashard Choice dominated the ACC in rushing....athough that might not say much.
Their defensive coordinator is running the team....which will probobly make the defense really good.

Georgia Tech Disadvantages:
Aside from the Clemson win, their other wins were either over Division II or non-bowl opponents.
The ACC is an incredibly easy football conference.
Their coach got booted after losing 6 straight years to Georgia.
Playing in the Deep South, some of the players have never even seen snow, and they may just have to play in it.

Fresno State Advantages:
They've beaten a Big 12 opponent, Kansas State.
Fresno State has had recent post season success, and has won more than one Humanitarian Bowl before.
They played then ranked Texas A&M close, and have only been blown out by Oregon.
They are an incredibly balenced team, not relying on one superstar to do everything like a lot of mid-major bowl teams.
The QB, Tom Brandstater, has had a decent season.

Fresno State Disadvantages:
They have beaten 0, that's right, 0 Bowl eligible teams.
Neither their offense nor defense really stand out statistically speaking.
All of their statistics should be looked at skeptically given their easy schedule.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Georgia Tech. Fresno State is really only in a bowl because the WAC needed a 3rd horse. It was really a two team conference this year, and now that one of those top dogs (Boise State) has been embarrassed, what makes me think the distant 3rd place bulldogs will win? Georgia Tech is not a great team by any means, but they're probobly in the Top 35. I will give Fresno some credit though, as they have played a lot of games close. There is a distinct possibility of upset, but I think I'm gonna have to go with the overdogs by a 10 point or so margin.

Georgia Tech 1, Fresno State 0

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl

(Zorgon's Note: Yes, the picture is relevant. TIGER Woods, holding the BACK of a RAZOR.)

Arkansas has won their last two

Missouri dropped its last game to Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game.

Arkansas Advantages:
Sorry Reggie, but Darren McFadden and Adrian Peterson are the two baddest dudes I've ever seen running the football on the college level. He's simply the best prospect available in the upcoming draft.

They've got four wins against bowl eligible teams this season, including LSU, who'll be playing for the national title.

Don't forget about Felix Jones, he's terribly overshadowed by McFadden and he himself could challenge for the Heisman nect season.

Arkansas Disadvantages:
Uh, let's try Mike Conley Sr. If his SUV costs DMac his eligibility, than the Razorbacks can kiss the cotton bowl goodbye.

Coaching turmoil, with Houston Nutt gone and of course the Bobby Petrino distraction looming.

The defense is not up to par with the usual SEC standards.

Missouri Advantages:
We all know how good Chase Daniel has been this season. The big Tex is dengerous both in and out of the pocket. He also ranks 4th in the nation in total offense.

Speaking of offense there are more playmakers than just Daniel for Missouri. Freshman Jeremy Maclin has explosive speed and is the tigers go-to guy on the outside and on the reverse. They also have the best TE duo in the country, with Martin Rucker and Chase Coffman. Tony Temple, though doesn't run often, makes plays when he's callded upon.

Only team with two wins over two BCS schools.

Missouri Disadvantages:
Chase Daniel and crew have the tendancy to choke off the big game. CHase Daniel gets frustrated easily, as evidenced by his behavior in the Big XII Championship.

Not so sharp in the secondary, giving up 261.46 yards per game.

Could be very disapointed after having the chance to play in New Orleans fot the title, and settling for Dallas and the Cotton.

Writer Picks:
okluschen: If McFadden plays, then I got the Razorbacks, but if he doesn't, Missouri steamrolls. McFadden is not only capable of winning entire games by himself, but has done it several times before. However, with no McFadden, there goes 3/4s of their playbook including the entire Wild Hog formation. It all depends on if the stud plays.

Zorgon: Missouri. With all honesty, this team should be in the BCS. Being punished for going to the Big XII title game? Puh-leaze. Darren McFadden Scharem McShmadden, Chase Daniel was closer to winning the Heisman than he was. Arkansas has come up big in wins against LSU and South Carolina, but if you look at their schedule, its full of Florida International, North Texas, Mississippi, and Chattanooga type games which are prime for pumping Mr.McFaddens stats. Missouri proves it's place.

Jason Frost: TBA

Bottom Line: Arkansas .5, Missouri 1.5

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Auburn: Won it's last contest vs Alabama

Clemson: Won it's last vs South Carolina

Auburn Advantages:
As usual, The Tigers have one of the toughest defenses in the country. They can hang with anybody.

Had an awesome win against Florida and shoulda knocked off LSU, except Les Miles is an evil genius.

Auburn Disadvantages:
Other than the Gators, Tommy Tuberville hasn't done too much this season.

The offense is as stanky as Mark Mangino's bathroom after Mexican night.

Clemson Advantages:
Cullen Harper has come from out of nowhere to become one of the best QBs in the ACC.

Though Clemson may play in the ACC, they certainly have an SEC quality defense, top 10 in the nation.

They've won 5 of their last six, scoring 42.8 points per game in those wins. 4 of those 5 came against bowl eligible teams. The only loss in that strech was by three to a good Boston College team.

Clemson Disadvantages:
As always, Tommy Bowden is in the fans' hot seat.

They seem to have trouble protecting the QB, allowing 2.67 sacks per game this season.

Writer's Predictions:
okluschen: Clemson. These teams have a lot in common. Both are called the Tigers. Both have coaches named Tommy. Both have elite college defenses. However, Clemson does have the upper hand, in that they have the better offense by far. Expect Clemson to win the slug fest, with the point total not exceeding 24.

Zorgon: Auburn. The SEC is probably the toughest conference in the land, and Auburn has been a trooper. They have a bad loss to Mississippi State, but comeon, Clemson? They have no power wins, and really have no place being ranked #15. Auburn torches Clemson, and then eats them for dinner. Then, they reheat Clemson in the microwave and eats the rest for breakfast.

Jason Frost: TLC

Bottom Line: Clemson 2, Auburn 0.

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Music City Bowl

Music City Bowl

Background: Florida State leads the series, 3-1-1. They have not met since 1965.

Kentucky: 2 Losses to Georgia and Tennessee
Florida State: Loss to Florida

Kentucky Advantages:
They have a pro-ready Quarterback in Andre Woodson.
They have a top 25 passing offense.

Kentucky Disadvantages:
They really started falling apart once they faced tough competition.
Their defense leaves something to be desired.
Really nothing stands out besides Andre Woodson.

Florida State Advantages:
This could be Bobby Bowden's second-to-last season, so the team does have SOME motivation to win.
Drew Weatheford isn't pretty, but he's surely not interception prone. He will probobly not have trouble with this defense.

Florida State Disadvantages: Well, for one, they'll be missing a lot of players. However, it should be noted that the offense is mostly intact, and the main losses are backups, Cornerback Patrick Robinson (6 INTs), and Linebacker Dekota Watson. So, they'll have big trouble defending against Kentuckys potent offense, expecially with an already bad pass defense.
They could have come off decently had they won a couple of easy games at Wake Forest and Miami.
I know I point to it all of the time, but their season was the 3rd straight of dissapointment for a once proud college.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Kentucky. All signs are pointing to a shootout, and while their defenses may be equal (now that Florida State has lost 2 key players, they are) their offenses aren't. Kentucky will win big. A Florida State win is only possible

Bottom Line: Kentucky 1, Florida State 0

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Armed Forces Bowl

Armed Forces Bowl

Cal Leads the series, 5-2. Have not met since 2002, when Cal won.

Air Force: 3 Wins
California: 3 Losses

Air Force Advantages:
The Mountain West has gone 3-0 in bowls this year.
Found their running attacks stride late in the season to already coombine with the already deadly air attack (Irony!).
Looks to have a bright future.

Air Force Disadvantages:
Has not faced a ranked team all year.
Whenever faced with a halfway decent team, has crumbled. Best wins over Utah and TCU.

California Advantages:
Had a 5 game win streak to start off the season.
Beaten Tennessee and Oregon.
Has a lot more talent than Air Force.
The loss of their #1 reciever, DeSean Jackson, may explain the Stanford loss.

California Disadvantages:
Are on a terrible skid after being considered BCS-worthy. (Losses to Stanford and Washington.)
Their quarterback (Nate Longshore) has been known to make dumb mistakes. Also has a chipped ankle bone, limiting his explosiveness.
The Pac-10 has done terrible in bowls this season.
Just seem to have given up in general. From Yahoo! Sports: ""This is definitely a new low for us," Cal safety Thomas DeCoud said after the loss. "It's kind of too late to salvage anything, but we just want to get to a bowl game and end on the right note so the younger guys can get this program back to where it was.""

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Air Force. The analysis is short on this one because the bowl is simple as pie. Cal is lucky to be in a bowl at all. Their players are banged up. Their heads are hung low. Air Force is coming in with their heads held high out of a surprisingly strong Mountain West. The only way I could see a Cal upset (yes, a Cal upset, Air Force should definately be the favourites) is if they win by sheer talent and/or depth. Air Force wins using excellent arial attacks and bombs out the competition. (IRONY!!!!)

Bottom Line: Air Force 1, California 0

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Sun Bowl

Sun Bowl

Oregon is on a three game losing streak
South Florida is on a three game winning streak

Oregon Advantages:
Jonathan Stewart makes plays running, catching, and returning kicks. He's a true speed demon and an all-Pac-10 performer.

The Ducks bring good pressure, they're 14th in the nation in sacks and 1st in the nation in tackles for loss.

They're 12th in the nation in total offense!*

Oregon Disadvantages:
*Well, they're only missing the best multi-purpose QB since Vince Young. This O ain't squat without Dennis Dixon. On top of that, they're down to their 5th stringer at QB.

A three game losing streak, they're as cold as tundra.

South Florida Advantages:
The former number 2 team in the nation

Trae Williams and Mike Jenkins are an elite duo at corner. To add to this is Ben Moffit at linebacker, a truely bruttle force both against the run and the pass.

Great wins against Auburn, West Virginia, and UCF

South Florida Disadvantages:
They certainly aren't the second best team in the nation, never have been, and maybe never will be.

Matt Grothe is a risk taker at QB. He's got a 13-12 TD-Int ratio.

Writer's Picks:
okluschen: South Florida. Though I think that Oregon will be somewhat improved on offense for this game, they've done more than prove that they can't win without their star player. South Florida has had a historic year for their program, and I think they'll top the kings of Nike.
P.S. Don't hurt your eyes watching these two teams color schemes.

Zorgon: South Florida. Oregon is full of quitters, as evidenced by their 3 game slide. They always slip on a banana peel, but unlike other teams who just get back up, they fall down a waterfall. I don't care if South Florida had a coupel questionable losses, the fact is they beat West Virginia and Auburn, which should be more than enough for the Oregon Quitters. Oh, and they don't have Dennis Dixon. Riiiight.
P.S. Green and Gold is an awesome colour scheme!!!!

Jason Frost: TBA

Bottom Line: South Florida 2, Oregon 0

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Independence Bowl

Independence Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Colorado: Win at Nebraska
Alabama: 4 Straight Losses

Colorado Advantages:
They beat Oklahoma.
They have a knack for comebacks, but this may only show people how badly they always start off.
Sometimes, their offense clicks quite well.
They have a very good running back (Hugh Charles). However, it remains to be seen if the O-Line can open any holes for him.
Their kicker can be clutch (Oklahoma game).

Colorado Disadvantages:
Their offensive line is an abhorration. In some games earlier this season, they had to call a shotgun formation on every play, because if they didn't, the Quarterback would be sacked. And no, they didn't run it either.
It can be argued that Cody Hawkins (Colorado QB) would never have seen the light of day if his Dad (Dan Hawkins) was not coach of his football team.
Aside from their win at Oklahoma, their terrible losses outplay their so-so wins. Loss to Iowa State? Comeon.
They have never blown out a team, except for Baylor (And Baylor has beaten football powerhouses such as Texas State! Buffalo! Even Rice!)
Colorado State is beating Colorado in many categories....hell, maybe they're even better than Colorado. Colorado only beat them by a field goal.

Alabama Advantages:
Solid wins over Tennessee, Houston, and Arkansas (when they were ranked.)
Every single loss was winnable. This team just had a few (more than a few) bad bounces their way. A few catches here and there, and this team could be in the BCS.
They'll probobly have a lot of fans making the trip.
Alabamas defense has a good chance of stopping Colorados rollercoaster offense.
If they can complete a few passes, they can beat Colorados 102-ranked pass defense.

Alabama Disadvantages:
Just completely collapsed at the end of the season, with losses to Louisiana-Monroe and Mississippi State.
This team simply hasn't been able to finish their business in the games and in their schedule.....and we can only wonder about the bathroom.
The whole season has been a Titanic dissapointment.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: TBA

OKLuschen: TBA

Zorgon: Alabama. Colorado really hasn't gotten a lot going this season. Sometimes records do lie, and Colorado scratched and clawed their way to a 6-6 season while Alabama slipped a couple steps to get there. On top of that, Alabama has Colorados number in pretty much every facet of the game.

Bottom Line: Colorado 0, Alabama 1

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Liberty Bowl

Liberty Bowl

Central Florida is on a 7 game win streak
Mississippi State won it's last game, it was the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss

Central Florida Advantages:
Let's see, I hear this Kevin Smith guy is alright. He's put together a modest 188 YPG and 30 TDs this season. In all seriousness, this gut should've been watching the Heisman ceremonies from New York. I'd be pissed, but is he? Let's ask Kevin. "We've got a conference championship. I'll take that over a Heisman any day. The conference championship trophy doesn't have anybody's individual name on it -- it only has the name of your team." Seems well grounded to me.

They absolutely tore through Conference USA, winning their last 7 by an average of 17 points per game.

Central Florida Disadvantages:
Pretty one dimensional on the offensive side of the ball.

The pass defense has been bad, giving up almost 250 yards a game.

The competition in Conference USA has been a lot better than it is this season.

Haven't seen an SEC quality defense all season, except maybe when they played USF, a game in which they were crushed.

Mississippi State Advantages:
The defense is very salty, 10th in the nation in pass defense and 28th in total defense.

I really think that Sylvester Croom is a top notch coach. Evidence A) Mississippi State is actually in a bowl, B) his name is Sylvester (OK, so I made up B)

Were able to somehow survive the bloodthirsty SEC with a .500 record in conference

Mississippi State Disadvantages:
Little (as in none at all) bowl experience by anyone on the team.

I just got a call from Rex Grossman, and he says that this offense is disgusting. That means it must be bad, and it is. Barely over 300 yards per game on offense.

Writer Predictions:

okluschen: UCF. I like MSU, but I think the Bulldogs are outmatched by UCF here. Kevin Smith is a once in a lifetime player, and Miss State couldn't move the ball out of a paper sack.

Zorgon: Mississippi State. Whenever faced with a stout defense, UCF has, put simply, crumbled like a bun in the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, MSU has faced ranked opponents in HALF of their games, has quality wins over Auburn and Kentucky, and only has one loss to a non-ranked opponent (Auburn). Defense wins championships, and Mississippi State wins handily over the Conference USA creampuffs who barely lost to a poopoo Texas team and to run-reliant ECU.

Jason Frost: TBA

Bottom Line: UCF 1, Mississippi State 1

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Alamo Bowl

The series is tied, 1-1.
Penn State: Loss to Michigan State

Texas A&M: Win against Texas

Penn State Advantages:
All looses have been close(excluding the loss to Ohio State) and to teams currently in bowl games

They have the 8th best defense in Devision 1, only giving up 18 points a game.
They have a balanced offense

They want a want to win it fo Jo Pa who will be coaching his 500th game with Penn State.
Penn State Disadvantages:
They have a lousy passing game, passing for only 212 yards a game.

Texas A&M Advantages:
They will be playing virtually at home

They are coming of a big, 38-30, win against Texas
They have the 14th best rushing attack in the country

Their QB is dangerous both passing and running.

Texas A&M Disadvantages:
They will be playing without their coach

They have a lousy defense

They have a lousy mascot(need to give who dey a call)
Writer Predictions:
Jason Frost: Penn. State, Texas A&M has a lousy defense and an inconcistant offense and they give up more yards then they put up. Look for Penn State to score often and win by a couple of tds.

OKLuschen: TBA
Zorgon: Penn State. Texas A&M has been pathetic all season, especially in that game against Miami. And the Coach Fran fiasco has only contributed to the woes. Although I don't think Penn State is too hot, I'll take them.

Bottom Line: Penn State 2, Texas A&M 0, Ketchupless Spaghetti 3

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Meineke Bowl

Meineke Bowl

The series is tied, 1-1.

Wake Forest: 2 Game Win Streak
Connecticut: Loss to West Virginia

Wake Forest Advantages:
Has beaten bowl teams such as Navy, Florida State, and Maryland.
Their strong (#16 ranked) running game should no problem tearing up the ho-hum rush defense of Connecticut.
They beat UConn early last year. It might not matter though, because many UConn fans would not like me to compare this years team to last years 4-8 effort.
They are tied for best in the nation in interceptions returned for touchdowns.
They are playing in their own playground.
Their kick returner has a very good average.

Wake Forest Disadvantages:
Connecticuts 15th-ranked pass defense could be trouble for their developing QB, Riley Skinner. He has the 2nd best completion rate in the nation, but has 11 TDs and 12 INTs.
They won all of the games they were supposed to, but they flailed every time they had the opportunity to come up with a big win.

Connecticut Advantages:
Probobly one of the most underrated teams in college football, simply because of name. Excellent wins over Rutgers and South Florida, and a not-to-sneeze-at 9-3 record good for 1st in the Big East.
Their QB has shown ability to handle the ball, getting only 5 picks this season compared to 13 touchdowns.
Their fans are extremely excited to be at the bowl, and so are the players. Wake Forest, meanwhile, is a bit down from their previous season, so energy may not run as high.
Their kicker gets a lot of attempts, and he does a solid job of nailing them.
The QB may spend some time running, but there's no doubt he can bang in a few against the 78th ranked pass defense.

Connecticut Disadvantages:
It's no secret that once you get past the Rutgers and South Florida wins, their wins are really powderpuff.
Their offensive line has been atrocious this season, allowing for 28 sacks. I won't be surprised to see him on his back a few times, but don't think it'll be a Jimmy Clausen type performance.
Their defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: Ketchup on Spaghetti is Mmmm-mmmm-licious!

OKLuschen: Wake Forest. Probably the best matchup of the season between two historic powers...O, wait, this ain't hardwood. UConn sucks, so that means Wake Forest wins...somehow.

Zorgon: Connecticut. I like to point to the schedule strength a lot, but I won't this time. Wake Forest may be in their backyard, but it's not like getting to Charlotte from Connecticut is a $1,000 trip. I'm sure there's a lot of old and young Huskie fans psyched to finally go to a bowl and cheer on their team, and the players are psyched, too. If UConn can stop the run, then I'm sure their potent offense could give Wake a run for their money. Protect the ball, make easy, short passes, the game is theirs. I could see a Wake win if they pressure UConns QB and get the run going. I'll take the underdog in a close one.

Bottom Line: Wake Forest 1, Connecticut 1, Ketchupless Spaghetti 1

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Emerald Bowl

Emerald Bowl


The two teams have never met.

Maryland is on a one game win streak
Oregon State is on a three game win streak, however, the last game was in double OT against the Dixon-less Ducks of Oregon

Maryland Advantages:
Maryland has opened up the playbooks recently, using the long ball more and incorparating a QB option game.

They've defeated two top 10 teams this season

A solid 28th in the nation in scoring defense

Maryland Disadvantages:
Despite marginal improvement in the latter part of the season, the offense is still 77th in the nation in scoring and 88th in yards per game.

They simply can not protect the quarterback

The Emerald Bowl in San Francisco is a very long distance from home in College Park.

Oregon State Advantages:
Yvenson Bernard is yet another talented dreadlocked RB for the Beavers, he has 12 TDs and 6 100-yard plus rushing games on the season.

Oregon State has been beastly on rush defense this season, second in the nation

They are a superb pass rushing team, which is all they need against this poor Maryland O.

Oregon State Disadvantages:
They are terrible in both the punting and the punt return game.

Most impressive win? Good question, is it Cal, Utah, Dennis Dixon-less Oregon. Not a very good resum'e.

Writer's Predictions:
okluschen: Oregon State. The Beavers have much more impressive stats, but the Terps have more impressive results, victory-wise. The key to this matchup is Maryland's offensive line (which can't protect the QB) against Oregon State's defensive pass rush (which can't stay away from the QB). I like the Beavers big in this bowl.

Zorgon: Oregon State. They may have a couple bad losses, but oh so many sizzlin' power wins. And Maryland is a pithy 6-6, 5th in the ACC, and has a bunch of terrible conference losses at that. That's all you need to know. Oregon State FTW!!!!

Jason Frost: TBA

Bottom Line: Oregon State 2, Maryland 0

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Holiday Bowl

Holiday Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Texas: 5 Straight Wins through Big 12 competition before a demoralizing loss to Texas A&M
Arizona State: 1 Loss to Arizona

Texas Advantages:
They come out of arguably the toughest conference in the nation, the Big 12.
Both teams are virtually even on offense and defense, but Texas holds the upper hand in talent.
Arizona is closer, but I have no doubt that there's a lot more die-hard Texas fans willing to make the trip.
Colt McCoy is a great Scrambling QB, just the facet they may need to win this game.
Ryan Bailey won't make any All-Kicking lists, but he's pretty solid as far as Kickers go.

Texas Disadvantages:
They lost against arguably sub-par opponents Texas A&M and Kansas State.
The team is largely inconsistent.
Struggled against vastly inferior competition such as UCF, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State.
If one was to write one word about the Texas season, in most peoples minds the word would be underachievement.
Colt McCoy will likely get intercepted more than once by an excellent Arizona State pass defense.

Arizona State Advantages:
Their only two losses were to USC and Oregon, which is not embarassing at all.
They beat all of their opponents quite handily.
Dennis Erickson comes from lowly Idaho to Arizona State. This, after a long ago and successful previous run with Miami. He then turns the Sun Devils from hapless under Dirk Koetter to almost BCS.
With both teams having spicy run defense, it's likely that the game will be decided through the air....and Rudy Carpenter is much less interception-prone than Colt McCoy.
Their kicker, Thomas Weber, is near perfect on the season, having only missed one extra poins and one 30 some yarder on the season. His range caps out at about 50, though.

Arizona State Disadvantages:
They haven't really proven themselves by beaten a really strong team.
They may be dissapointed at their lower bowl positioning.
They have no go to guy in the rushing game, preferring to spread it among 3 players.
I highly doubt this team is very deep. One injury could entirely tilt the game.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: Arizona State. Texas has shown a significant liability with their inability to stop the pass, while their offense has been largly inconcistant. Expect Arizona State to pass the ball and win by a TD.

OKLuschen: Texas. Arizona State led by coach Dennis Erickson is a good story, but Texas has the talent advantage. Colt McCoy and Jamaal Charles should be too much to handle for Arizona State. A traditional shootout in San Diego will result in a Longhorn victory, should be a fun game to watch.

Zorgon: Arizona State. Ah, the bowl of disappointment. Almost every team that ever lands in the Holiday Bowl usually had higher expectations, and is looking for a positive way to finish an otherwise bad season. In this case, Arizona State has the upper hand on a Texas team that could have easily been 6-6 and staring at Poinsettias or nothing at all.
Bottom Line: Texas 1, Arizona State 2

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Champs Sports Bowl

Champs Sports Bowl

Boston College: lost last game to Va. Tech in the ACC Championship

Michigan State: 2 game win streak

Boston College Advantages:
The Golden Eagles have one of the best quarterbacks in the country in former Heisman frontrunner Matt Ryan

The defense is very salty, especially the front 7, which controls the land's top rush defense.

BC has been excellent in bowl games in recent history

Boston College Disadvantages:
They sort of stumbled through the last part of the season, and are certainly not the team they once were.

Playing in the ACC and a soft nonconference schedule may have helped the ol' win column

After being number 2 in the nation, the Eagles may be disapointed in yet another December bowl game.

Michigan State Advantages:
The offense is balanced and in the top 25 in scoring.

They are effecient with the ball, in the top 30 in turnover margin

The aggresive defense of the Spartans is perhaps the key to disrupting the potent Matt Ryan and crew.

Michigan State Disadvantages:
They have trouble in the field position game, with poor rankings in both the punt and punt return categories.

The offensive line has been, well, offensive much of the year, at least when it comes to pass protection

The Spartans haven't taken to the gridiron since November 17th!

Writer's Predictions:
Zorgon: Boston College. They've won a lot of big games this year, and I know this game will be close. Matt Ryan is excellently clutch, and can easily beat any team that lost to Northwestern and Iowa. Boston college wins by 3.

okluschen: Boston College. I wasn't sold on the Eagles for much of the season, but I think they have the edge in this match-up. Matt Ryan's skills and leadership can't be denied. BC in double-digits.

Jason Frost: TBA

Bottom Line: Boston College 2, Michigan State 0

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Texas Bowl

Background: Houston leads 13-11
TCU: 2 wins

East Carolina: 2 wins
TCU Advantages:
They are finally 100% healthy
Since they return of Defensive End Tommy Blake they are 3-1 with their only loss coming in a close game against BYU(the 4 games also included a 37-0 win against New Mexico)

They have allowed the 17th fewest yards per game and have racked up two shutouts(including a 27-0 win over Baylor and a 37-0 win over New Mexico)

They have one of the most balanced offenses in the country putting up 219 passing yards and 169 rushing yards a game.

TCU Disadvantages:
Their defense, despite being one of the top in D1, has proven to be inconsistent, while shutting out New Mexico they gave up 33 against lowly San Diego State.
Houston Advantages:
They have the 4th best offense in the country putting up 513 yards a game.

All 4 of their losses have come against teams playing in bowl games(Oregon, East Carolina, Alabama, and Tulsa)

They have balance on offense 273.3 passing yards 239.9 rushing yards a game.

Houston Disadvantages:
They will be without their coach(also their offensive coordinator) who took the Baylor job.
They have lost their previous 7 meetings against Houston.
Chess Comparison: TCU is Peter Svidler a solid all around performer who is considered very talented yet underperforming. Houston is Loek van Wely one of the most aggressive players who has great success wining with both black and white.

Jason Frost: Houston. With exception to their loss to Tulsa, Houston has consistently been a strong team throughout the season and their interim coach has already credited this game to their coach. TCU on the other hand has been very inconsistent offensively and defensively and has largely underachieved. Look for Houston to win by a TD.

OKLuschen: Houston. It'll be close, I'll give ya that. But Houston in Houston, and you never know what Horned Frog team will show up. I like that Houston offense, so I say Cougars in this one.

Zorgon: Houston. This Game is really dead even. Houston has an excellent offense, while TCU has a stalwart defense. TCU has nastly losses to Air Force and Wyoming, but Houston has lost ther Coach, Coach Briles. They've hired a Oklahoma assistant, but he won't coach Houston, so as not to ruin their offense. In the end, no coach isn't enough of an effect, and Houston has no embarassing losses. Houston squeaks one out like a rubber ducky.

Bottom Line: TCU 0, Houston 3

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Motor City Bowl

Motor City Bowl

Purdue 1 game losing streak

Central Michigan 2 game winning streak

Central Michigan Advantages:
The offense is more than solid, Top 25 in the nation in scoring.

Dan LeFevour is one of those one of a kind improvisational playmakers.

Central Michigan Disadvantages:
The defense on the other hand is down right disgusting.

A loss to North Dakota State. Not even a close game either.

And, they've already lost to Purdue in the regular season!

Purdue Advantages:
Like I said, they've already won this game in the regular season.

The passing game is solid, top 25 in the nation.

Purdue Disadvantages:
Beaten nobody this season

They can't run the ball

They're ok at best on defense

Writer's Picks:
Zorgon: Purdue. They've beat Central Michigan before, and they'll beat 'em again. Central Michigan has had a schedule of terrible proportions and a couple questionable losses. It wll be a shootout of epic proportions....but one must keep in mind that Central Michigans defense is ranked 106th. That is what will break their back. Purdue by a few.

okluschen: Purdue. Never pick a MAC team over a Big Ten team, no matter how overhyped. Purdue gets it done in a deja vu affair.

Jason Frost: Purdue. Central Michigan has the 9th worst pass defense in the country and is going up for the second time against the pass first offense of Purdue. Don't be fulled by their recent skid, Purdue is still the same team they were when they had the 5 game win streak, they've since simply played better oponents. Expect a simular score to that of the last game with Pudue winning by a couple of TD's.

Bottom Line:
Purdue 3, Central Michigan 0

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Hawaii Bowl

Hawaii Bowl

Background: The Two Teams have never met.

Boise State: 9 Straight Win Tear Through the WAC before a loss to Hawaii

East Carolina: 1 Win

Boise State Advantages:

Many players remain from the teams miracle run that ended in a Fiesta bowl win.

They have utterly dominated the WAC (Aside from Hawaii).

Statistically speaking, they are BCS good offensivly and defensively.

Boise State Disadvantages:

Incredibly weak schedule. It can be argued that ECU might've done just as well with their schedule.

They will be missing their top Wide Reviever due to a rules violation.

They will have very few fans.

East Carolina Advantages:

Has played respectably against tough non-conference opponents, such as Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

Has a couple power wins over bowl-teams Houston and Memphis.

They have a not-too-shabby running back, Chris Johnson.

East Carolina Disadvantages:

They have dismal offensive and defensive Conference USA.

They only have a good running game....and are going up against one of the best run-defenses in the country.

They have a pretty low-end kicker.

They also will have very few fans.

Hawaii Advantages:

They will have more fans here than Boise and East Carolina fans combined.

Writer Predictions:

Jason Frost: Boise State. East Carolina faithful will have a long way to travel to get to Hawaii, but fortunately for them it's Hawaii so they will have something to do after Boise State blows out their team. East Carolina has a lousy defense, and a far worse offense then Boise State, this one won't be close, Boise State by double digits.

OKLuschen: Boise State. It's not even close really. I can't see any reason that East Carolina should win this game at all. Broncos roll.

Zorgon: Boise State. It won't be a blowout, because they'll have to rely a lot more on their running game. Even if ECU does equal their running, I'd still venture that they have a better passing game and defense. I only see an ECU win if Ian Johnson gets injued and Chris Johnson goes carrazy. So, Boise with a sizeable win in front of this largely neutral crowd.

Bottom Line: Boise State 3, East Carolina 0

Friday, December 21, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: New Mexico Bowl

New Mexico Bowl

Nevada has the advantage in the all-time series, leading 1-0-1

Current Streak:
Nevada: Won 1
New Mexico: Won 1

Nevada Advantages:
Practically a Juggernaut on offense, averaging over 200 yards per game both in the air and on the ground.

Played WAC powers Boise State and Hawaii very close, both could have easily been wins.

Nevada Disadvantages:
It's a good thing their offense is so potenet, because their defense gives up over 30 a game.

The Wolfpack have not beaten a bowl eligible team all season.

New Mexico Advantages:
Marcus Smith is a big play receiver for the Lobos, 11th in the nation in receptions and 25th in receiving yards per game.

John Sullivan has been one of the better kickers in the nation this year.

Hello, its the New Mexico Bowl.

New Mexico Disadvantages:
Honestly, I just named the kicker as an impact player.

They aren't a very good offensive team.

Defense is good everywhere, but great nowhere.

Lost leading rusher Rodney Ferguson to Academic Eligibility issues.

Writer Predicitions:
Zorgon: New Mexico. Nevada went 6-6 in the WAC. They are at an away game. They have 0 defense, and they've played close a lot of San Jose States this year. No way, Jose.

okluschen: New Mexico. They aren't very impressive offensively, but Nevada hasn't beaten much more than Pop Warners this season. Plus it's at home,where they are 5-1 this season.

Jason Frost: New Mexico. If this game was played anywhere else other then at University Stadium(what an original name, it should definantly be changed to WHO DEY STAD.) then Neveda would have a chance, yet unfortunantly for them they will have less players on the field. Look for the Lobos' home crowd to be the diffirence and New Mexico to win 37-30.

Bottom Line: New Mexico 3, Nevada 0

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Las Vegas Bowl

Las Vegas Bowl


UCLA leads series 7-1.

UCLA: 1 Loss.
BYU: 9 Game Winning Streak

UCLA Advantages:

They beat BYU earlier in the year, 27-17.

They've had big wins, beating California and Oregon.

They are an unpredictable team, but if they somehow turn it on for this game (Hopefully, it's a bowl game) they have a sizeable chance of winning.

They are much more experienced in playing big-time Pac-10 teams, and if you look at their schedule, it looked like a 6-6 season any way you slice it.

They have an excellent kicker, which could come in handy for their tired offense.

UCLA Disadvantages:

Their coach got fired, and their Defensive coordinator is the head coach.

It has been considered an overall dissapointment of a season for the usually stronger Bruins.
Their defense has been easily broken by any decent offensive team....those shoes are easily filled by BYU.

They've lost against some real stinkers, such as Washington State and Notre Dame.

They have lost multiple players on offense, so it's unlikely they'll be able to compete in a shootout.


BYU Advantages:

Uh....can you say 10 wins?

Their only losses came to UCLA itelf (when they were ranked #13) and against a very strong Tulsa team.

They lead one of the best offenses in the nation, and could beat UCLA in a shootout.

They have one of the nations top defenses.

BYU Disadvantages:

They may be hot, but all of their wins have been over a lot of meaningless teams.

Their Kicking has been inconsistent.

Writer Predictions:

Zorgon: BYU. UCLA is coachless, has lost players, has been in a slump....I just don't know what else to say. Lopsided.

OKLuschen: BYU. UCLA has lost to a lot of teams worse than this in the course of the season. Brigham Young usually plays well in their bowl games, and and they are most likely the oldest team in the NCAA, which is good for maturity and experience.

Jason Frost: UCLA. The head coach is gone, but is this really a bad thing. The defensive cordinater is now coach, and he did an amazing job managing the only unit that did anything for the Bruins. Now with full controll over the team, expect a defensive battle with UCLA winning by a FG.

Bottom Line: BYU 2, UCLA 1

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Bowl Bowl

The series is tied, 7-7

Cincinnati: 1 game winning streak
Southern Miss: 2 game winning streak

Cincinnati Advantages:
Quarterback Ben Mauk has 27 touchdown passes compared to just 4 INTs
They were a very solid 5-1 in games away from home this season.
The Bearcats feature the 15th ranked run defense and the top defense in INTs

Cincinnati Disadvantages:
Terribly undisciplined, 81.42 penalty yards per game
Excluding Oregon State, they had an woeful out of conference schedule
Barely over .500 in the ho-hum Big East

Southern Miss Advantages:
Damion Fletcher has proven to be a solid runner
Playing Boise State and Tennessee in the out of conference was impressive, though both losses.

Southern Miss Disadvantages:
No real quality wins this season
Can't get the pass game going.
Sorry, but Brett Favre is playing for Green Bay now.

Writer Predictions:

Zorgon: Cincinnati. They've faced a tough Big East Schedule, while beating Connecticut, Rutgers, and South Florida. They also have put up very good fights against very good teams. Southern Miss has virtually no power wins (East Carolina) with the rest being over crap, and their losses coming to the likes of Rice. Cincinnati has a tremendous pass proven against good teams. There is no reason the 4team in Conference USA should play the 2nd team in the Big East in a bowl. Biggest Mismatch so far. Cincinnati by a sizeable abount, but Southern Miss will not doubt play hard, this being the last game of long time coach Jeff Bower.

okluschen: Cincinnati. Southern Miss is only 5-3 in conference, and played possibly the three worst CUSA West division teams. Their offense also does not match up well against the Bearcat defense. The only way Cincy loses this game is if they beat themselves, which is entirely possibile, as it appears to be Flag Day every time they take the field

Jason Frost: Cincinnati has just finished one of the best regular seasons in school history and will most certainly get on a roll early. This one could get ugly, as Cincinnati will score dominate on offense and force turnovers on defense (23 int for the season is tops in Div 1).

Bottom Line: Cincinnati 3, Southern Miss 0

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: New Orleans Bowl

New Orleans Bowl

The two teams have never met.

Florida Atlantic: 2 game win streak
Memphis: 3 game win streak

Florida Atlantic Advantages:
Almost all losses have been against Quality Opponents (Oklahoma State, Kentucky, South Florida, and Florida) with arguably one fluke loss (Louisiana-Monroe, by a Field Goal).
They have an old, very experienced coach in Howard Schnellenberger, who won't be leaving for a new job anytime soon (he's 73).

Florida Atlantic Disadvantages:
This is their first bowl game, so they are arguably inexperienced.
They may have quality losses, but the majority of their wins have been against lay-down opponents, with the exception of Troy.
They have a lower tier total defense and a mid-tier offense.

Memphis Advantages:
They're on a roll, having won 5 out of their last 6 games (perhaps out of sheer motivation) after the death of Taylor Bradford.
Memphis commands the #13 pass offense in the nation.
A lot of their games have been really close, so thyey have a lot of experience in pressure situations.

Memphis Disadvantages:
Their wins have been against sheer crap. There is no quality wins except perhaps over the Starting QB-less Southern Miss, with the rest being against teams that are at least 3 games below a winning record.
Their best opponent has been UCF, who whooped them, and the rest of their losses haven't been against exactly strong opponents.

Writer Predictions:

Zorgon: Florida Atlantic. You can tell who's gonna win this game simply by reasoning and strength of schedule. Memphis has had an absolute joke of a schedule, while Florida Atlantic pretty much had the toughest schedule possible. The only reason Memphis would be in over say, Troy is because of the massacre that occured at the school. My heart goes out to them, but all signs point to lots of burgers with schnellen sauce.

OKLuschen: Memphis. Don't get me wrong, ole' Schnell has done a great job. But comeon, it's FAU. They had a very nice win against Troy, but without that one game, they aren't even taking the field this holiday season. Memphis big.

Jason Frost: Memphis. The highpowered Memphis passing game will overpower the weak FAU secondary, look for a close, high scoring game with Memphis winning by a TD.

Bottom Line: Florida Atlantic 1, Memphis 2

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bowl Previews and Predictions: Poinsettia Bowl

At lack of anything better to do, I've decided to start a new feature here on Adonal Obsessed: Bowl Previews.

We will preview each upcoming bowl, and then give our predictions. Hopefully, it will be a good indicator for you if you need to bet on a bowl....or something. Anyway, on to the Preview!

Poinsettia Bowl

This is the first time these teams have met. A new rivalry, perhaps?

Navy: 4 Game Winning Streak, mostly against poo
Utah: Loss to Brigham Young, but 7 game tear through Mountain West Opponents

Utah Advantages:
Utah has gone through a much more rigourous schedule, and seems to have pulled it together after a 1-3 start.
They have a 6 game bowl winning streak stretching back to 1999. Considering they've gone through 3 coaches in this span, I'd consider this stat irrelevant.
They have the top scoring defense in the Mountain West.
They've been studying film since before the bowl was even announced. They're prepared.
They have one of the nations best kickers, Louie Sakoda.

Utah Disadvantages:
Although Navy has had a terrible schedule, Utahs hasn't exactly been strong.
Utah has relied a lot on their defenses scoring to win games.
They pretty much laid down against the stronger opponents early on.

Navy Advantages:
The coach losing thing is really overblown. The replacement is a guy who knows the type of offense they run well (Triple option rushing attack, I'm told), and the defensive coordinator is still there. Says Junior QB Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, "Personally, I'm happy because we've got a coach who really knows the option. We got a curveball thrown at us, but we woke up and found out we already have a new coach."
Even though they have key bad losses, none of those teams has successfully stopped their monstrous rushing attack, and it's doubtful that Utah (who is mostly good at pass defense) can do that.
Navy has never exactly been blown out.... Had the ball gone the other way, Navy could easily be 10-2, and dare I say....ranked?

Navy Disadvantages:
They've lost their coach, which could be a moral blow. Historically, teams who lose their head coaches don't do very well.
The best team they've beaten is Pittsburgh, and after that, there's a huge dropoff. They've also recorded losses at Ball State, Delaware, and Wake Forest.
Their Passing attack is average at best, and that's against bad opponents.
Navy is only there because they have a contractual agreement to play in the Poinsettia Bowl every time they get a winning record.

Writer Predictions:

Zorgon: Utah. Navy probobly wouldn't even be in a bowl if it weren't for some stupid contract. Why not Troy? In any case, Navys defense has been kind of overlooked, but it's an absolute abhorration....and that's with a weak schedule. In any case, even if all of that equals out, I think Utah will win it through their star kiacker, and Navy still has their coach to worry about. Utah all the way.

OKLuschen: Utah. Inconsistancy is the key here. I like the more versatile Utah attack. Navy is also facing distractions thanks to coach Paul Johnson leaving for Georgia Tech. Utah will win, but take Navy in the points.

Jason Frost: Navy. Because they own.

Final Verdict: Utah 2, Navy 1

A Poem From a Die Hard Fan

From lack of anything better to say (Mitchell Report Smitchell Report), here is a poem from Lat We N Trash:

i m far away
it is 8:26AM
i haven't slept
i m cold
too much coffee (really too much)
puddle in my yard is in ice
but i feel perfect

*Sniff* The best poem I've ever read!

On a Lighter Note, here's Troy Hudson:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where did AdonalObsessed Go....Again?

After our big comeback, something else big happened....Winter Storms. Ice toppled trees and powerlines, leaving many powerless. Including me. I had no electricity from Sunday Morning until this Morning. So yeah, that's why it's been so quiet here. More to come.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Quick Note

On Sunday, December 9th, 2007, CBS ended coverage of the Bills vs. Dolphins game a couple of seconds before it actually ended. (The ending of a game was a knee.) It was so because the game extended about 20 minutes into the 3 CST games, the Dolphins were winless, and the Bills had basically clinched the game since mid 1st Quarter.

It Came From Sports Illustrated: Four Terrible Ads

I was perusing through my weekly Sports Illustrated when I came across these little gems....It makes you wonder how much these guys get paid.

In any case, enjoy!

Ad #1: Brett Favre: Wrangler Jeans

Ah, jeans. They just make Pro Football players want to go out into the middle of a field, wear a shirt that looks vaguely like your teams uniform, and play touch football with 8 or so other random guys. Seriously, when does this happen? And how many times do you sit in the passenger seat of a buggy with your foot on the dashboard and gaze dreamily into the sky? According to this ad, that's what men do.

Ad #2: Tiger Woods and Friends: Gillette Fusion Power Razors

Take Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and some Soccer player noones heard of, and you've got the Secondary United States Sports All-Stars! Then, instead of doing an ad that makes sense, have them wear all-black suits and pretend to shave their ties. Bonus points for showing a nonsensical glowing orange calendar in the background!

Ad #3: Tom Brady: Movado Watches

"Hello, I'm Tom Brady. Yes, I am a homosexual."

Ad #4: Eli Manning: Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Unstoppable from throwing interceptions!

Don't have the money to get a real superstar for your ad? Just put in second-rate QB Eli Manning! The irony will get you laughed out of the papers!

Note: No ill will meant towards any of you who happen to be homosexual. It's just implied from the Tom Brady ad. I support Gay Marriage, so please don't get angry at me.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Heisman Tonight, Alternatives!

Don't Watch.

I really don't care who's gonna win....okay, I DO care, I'll admit.

But will I ever watch the presentation? No. I didn't even watch it when Josh Heupel was in the running.


(And Josh Heupel looks like a total (excuse my language) asshat today. He may not be an asshat, but he sure does look like one. I can't stand his face.)

But, if you really need to watch something tonight, I have some options for you:

ISS Mission Coverage, The NASA Channel, 10 CST
Watch that satellite move around the globe! Watch technicians at Mission Control eat donuts!

2007 Powerade Jam Fest, ESPN 2, 7 CST
Watch High-School students play basketball! Then, have the ESPN Z-List reporters ask the school Administrators why that High School has that highest drop out rate in the country, and why none of the players know where Denmark is!

Womens' College Volleyball, ESPN U, 8 CST
Okay, you out there who DO watch this know why you will watch this.

Texas at Rice, College Sports Television, 7 CST
Watch as how none of the players on Rice are Asian!

1998 Boxing: Zab Judah v.s Mickey Ward in Miami, ESPN Classic, 7 CST
Just tape the faces of two famous people on your television screen, and it's Celebrity Boxing!

Playbook AFC, NFL Network, 7 CST
So much football analysis your brain hurts!

Watch Andre Aldridge (I think he's related to David Aldridge) and Fred Carter (Pround member of the losingest team ever in the NBA) analyze the exciting Jazz vs. Mavericks matchup! some chess.

(Note: All Opinions expressed in this article are solely the opinions of Zorgon and do not reflect the opinions of Okluschen in any way, shape, or form. I'm pretty sure he likes the Heisman.)

The Real Reason the Warriors Won Vs. the Heat, Dec. 8th, 2007

You guys don't get the real reason why we won. It's because the Heat lost. The Warriors players may have put up a good fight late, but the Heat made a crucial error with about 10 minutes to go.

They took out both Mourning and Shaq. After winning all game and having it their way, they decide to try to small ball with us when there's 10 minutes to go with a team of half-retired men. That's just stupid, the only guy who could really do it was Dorell Wright. Shaq has the best plus minus on the team at +7! Mourning had third best at -3! The only other person who was not in the negatives was Jason Williams, who was injured in the first half, when the Heat were winning! Shaq was perfect from the field! So why, Pat Riley? Why?

Probobly just to prove some stupid point to Shaq.

So, in any case, it was a good win.

And Miami....I feel sorry for you.

Addendum: Shaq played only 21 minutes last game, and 21 in this one. AND he's complaining about not getting enough minutes. So there goes that point.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Philadelphia 76ers Myth

Let me begin this article by listing a number of scores:

Chi Win 96-85
NJ Loss 88-93
Cha Win 94-63
Tor Loss 103-105
NO Loss 72-93
Dal Loss 84-99
NO Loss 76-95
Por Win 92-88
Was Loss 101-116
Det Loss 78-83
GS Loss 98-100
Mil Win 114-99
Uta Loss 95-106
Was Win 85-84
NJ Loss 92-94
Atl Loss 79-88
Bos Loss 103-113

Now from those score listed, is this team a HORRIBLE team? It it a team without potential?

Now, let me list all of the scores from the Seattle SuperSonics.

Pho Loss 99-106
LAC Loss 101-115
Sac Loss 98-104
Mem Loss 98-105
Uta Loss 101-103
Det Loss 103-107
Orl Loss 76-103
Mia Win 104-95
Atl Win 126-123
Cha Loss 84-100
Mem Loss 108-125
NJ Loss 93-98
SA Loss 101-116
LAL Loss 99-106
Orl Loss 94-110
Ind Win 95-93
GS Loss 96-109
LAC Win 95-88

Very similar teams, eh? Both of them have close games versus experienced teams, both of them fizzle out in the 3rd Quarter. But, the first team seems to do a better job of it. Both of them are young and have talent. The second team is the Seattle Supersonics. Can you guess the other?

The Philadelphia 76ers.

Now, most people see Seattle and think: "Oh, an up and coming team! With Kevin Durant, anything is possible! Think of the roleplayers, and Jeff Green! A couple more years, and they'll be right where Cleveland is now!"

So you say Okay, and ask about Philadelphia. They say: "Ugh, that craphole? They're nothing without Allen Iverson. All they've got is Andre Igoudala. They'll remain in rebuilding mode for a couple years with Minnesota."

So, why all of the 76er hate? Misconceptions.

Lets compare their stars head-to-head.

Point Guard:

PHI: Andre Miller
PPG: 15.6
RPG: 4.4
APG: 5.2
SPG: 0.8
TO: 2.2

SEA: Earl Watson
PPG: 15.6 7.7
RPG: 2.4
APG: 6.1
SPG: 0.8
TO: 2.3

It's clear who's the better all around player. Watson has to share time with 2 others, yes, but they've been injured enoguh to where his point totals shouldn't be bothered. He has another assist, but it is the only slight advantage. More season, and it'll even out.

ADVANTAGE: Philadelphia

Big Guns:

PHI: Andre Igoudala
PPG: 18.1
RPG: 6.5
APG: 5.2
SPG: 1.9
BPG: 0.8
TO: 2.4

SEA: Kevin Durant
PPG: 19.5
RPG: 4.4
APG: 1.9
SPG: 1.0
BPG: 1.1
TO: 3.4

All around, except for a couple less points, Igoudala IS the better all around player. And even if you did want to argue points, Kevin Durants shooting percentage is slightly less. Now of course, Andre Igoudala is almost fully developed while Kevin Durnat is only in his rookie year, but you have to understand that Kevin Durant has been given the KEYS to the franchise. He can do whatever he wants out there, because this season will be basically written off as "rebuilding". Andre Igoudala has to cooperate with two other proven talents on his team (Miller, Dalembert). He is such a more efficent and effective player. In closing, the final verdict is:

ADVANTAGE NOW: Philadelphia

Big Men:

PHI: Samuel Dalembert
PPG: 10.9
RPG: 8.7
BPG: 2.2
TO: 1.7

SEA: Chris Wilcox
PPG: 15.7
RPG: 7.5
BPG: 0.5
TO: 1.2

The players are about evenly matched big man wise. Chris Wilcox has a better offense, while Samuel Dalembert has a better defense. Chris Wilcox has slightly better non-big-man categories (AST, STL), so I'll give the slight edge to him.


Now it is clearly seen that the teams are evenly matched. Yet people are still skeptical.

Hell, this same Philly team almost rallied back for the playoffs last year WITHOUT Allen Iverson!

And don't even talk to me about the future. Andre Igoudala is a good player, and while he may not be as good as Kevin Durant, he can definately hold his own. Both teams have their draft picks for next year. They have roughly the same Salary Cap (not to mention Philadelphia will get out of cap hell a year earlier when Chris Webber and Aaron McKies contracts expire, and Seattle will have to wait two years to get under the cap while having to resign some essential players.)

So, I've spit out all of this information, and made it clear that Philadelphia is in the same/a better situation in the long run than Seattle. You may be wondering: What's the point? Why have you done this, are you a 76ers homeboy or something?

Okay, here it is:

If Sam Presti has done such a great job with Seattle, than why in the HELL was Billy King, who's lead Philly through thick and thin and set them up nicely for the future, fired?

I rest my case.

(Good comeback article, eh?)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 10

Locks in a minute, but there's some major baseball to discuss. First of all, somehow my man C.C. Sabathia was able to steal the AL Cy Young from Josh Beckett. Not sure how that happened, not even I would have voted for Sabathia over Beckett, but I'm happy for the guy none the less. Another congrats to Eric Wedge, AL Manager of the Year.

What's going on with George Steinbrenner? Has he finally gone soft? We were already to kiss A-Rod's New York career goodbye, and now he's back in the Bronx. Though he's the richest man in sports history, I think he'll regret the decision in a few years, there's only so much of Yankee fandom (or criticism really) that one can take.

And, in case you haven't heard, Barry Bonds was indicted the other day. I've made my stance known, but I'll say it again. I hope they drop the hammer on this guy.And it's not just him. I feel the same for a lot of other guys, like Clemons and McGwire. Maybe people wouldn't feel this way if the guy wasn't such a jerk. It's all over now Barry Bondzilla.

At last, the end of an era

OK, Now for locks.

My locks for last week was for Notre Dame to go against the spread or something like that, I don't really recall it (or do I want to). But I do remember my pick of Dallas to cover against the New York Ginats, which was a success. For this week, I got West Virginia (-6.5) against the Cincinnati Bearkats, and in the NFL, the Chicago Bears (+5.5) to suprise against the Seattle Seahawks.

Grossman is back in the saddle again for Chicago.

Zorgon had Tulsa in a masterlock against the University of Houston, and Buffalo, who successfully covered against the Miami Dolphins. For this week he had Arizona (+12) against the spread vs Oregon, a pick that proved promising for Zorgon last night. In the NFL, he has Cleveland (-3) covering against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Almost as good a pick as whoever had the "over" on the over/under in this game.

Frost's picks for last week were Virgina over Miami (win) and Chicago over Oakland (also a win). This week, he hopes to make up some more ground with Tennessee (-12) to cover vs Vandy, and Cincinnati (-3) to cover against the Cardinals.

I wouldn't like this pick if Jay Cutler will still the QB for the Commodores

The Standings:
1) okluschen 10-5-1
2) Zorgon 10-6
3) Jason Frost 7-7-2

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Perfect Image of How All Warriors Fans Feel

From the best Latvian member of Golden State of Mind: Lat We N Trash.

Quick Link: Check DubsBall for another hilarious pic.

Notes on Anti-Clutchness, and the Difference Between Richardson and Azubuike

So, you like Azubuike, eh? The exact same as JRich? The 3s, the athletic dunks, the passion....they're all there! So, what, exactly, is the difference between the two?
JRich would've severely helped us out in the clutch tonight.

Azubuike still hasn't found that ability, and he plays almost as bad as Monta. We can;t rely on only one clutch guy (Baron) if we want to win games.

What most people don't realize is that we've had very few blowouts. We always make it close, and clutch players last year really helped us out of the hole. I mean, if you want me to be honest, I think the old Montgomery team had more clutchness than we do right now. (I know I made a comment in the game thread contrary to this above, but I was meaning that we are a decent 3rd Qtr team, whereas the Montgomery era team was TERRIBLE in the third.)

So, someone needs to step up. And most people think that person will be Stephen Jackson.
Well, I do agree that he's more of a clutch player than we have in our lineup right now, but the man is by no means Jason Richardson or Baron-esque. He can put in what he needs, but he'll never have that "big shot" ability that Baron and JRich have to put it in when it really matters with less than 2 minutes to go in the 4th.

Now don't go telling me that this gradual losing of our lead was stoppable. The Pistons are the most experienced team in the NBA, they've played with each other for a long time, and Sheed was simply in FIYAH. The best you can do is try to slow it down as much as you can.

And don't go telling me about freethrows either. The Warriors WILL miss their freethrows. It's a fact of life. The Warriors hitting their freethrows are about as likely as Jim Barnett not telling you to go for the 2 for 1 or feed the hot hand. Jrich missed his freethrows, too. So, NEVER AGAIN shall anyone say that FreeThrows are a factor. If they go in, it's a miracle. I'll be happy with 5%. Anything else is a bonus. Just count them as lost points, and anything else is a bonus. That's how I look at it.

So, in closing, if Stephen Jackson can't some in and step it up to be the "2nd Clutch Man" to Baron (assuming noone else steps up) I predict we will get 25 wins.

So, how do we solve this problem?

Trade for Adonal Foyle. The dude is getting very inconsistent minutes from Coach Stan Van Gundy. Pat garrity is playing out of his mind, and Adonal has a very little role on the team, especially when Tony Battie comes back.

So, Adonal looks to step into our team and average around 292 points. During a game against Houston last year, in less than a minute, he had 4 points. Assuming he can keep this production up throughout the season, he will help us easily soar past opponents.

Defense? For the 4 minutes he was in against the Cavaliers tonight, Zyundras Ilgauskas didn't score a lick. Assuming he can keep up this production, opposing Centers will average no stats.
Accuracy? In his 10 year career, he has a 100% FG percentage for all of the NBA Playoffs.

Lastly: Athleticism?
Dude's got legs.

So, why not pick up a Hall of Fame center who should be extremely easy to trade for?

There is no confusion, Adonal Foyle is the solution.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Status Update

Where are we? Why only locks of the week?

A Few Reasons:

Over the last couple weeks, we've either been swamped with school work or sick with some sort of disease.

Adonal, simply put, is doing terrible. (Or, as Charles Barkely would say, trrbl.) He's getting surpassed by Pat Garrity day in and day out, he usually gets a block and a couple of rebounds. The offense that has been "perculating within him all of these years" and showed such great promise in the Pre-Season has been nonexistant. It's basically a sit and wait game.

The Warriors have performed equally as well. 0-5, and I REALLY don't want to get on here and say, "Freethrows Lolz". I've come to accept about 5% freethrows made. Anything else is a bonus.

The NFL and NCAA Football have taken a backseat due to basketball season starting. I'll try to readjust my focus a bit. Especially with the Browns doing so well.

So, in closing....yeah, we need to update more.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 9

Yes I know what you're saying. A locks of the week segment, ON TIME! I admit, I've been as punctual as a pig to the slaughter house, but yes, for this week, I am on time.

I am still in the lead, and I have to admit, it's getting a little lonely at the top, especially after last weeks very sharp 2-0. For this week, I have Notre Dame (+3) against the spread vs Air Force. Navy got lucky last week and ND wants revenge against the military. My pro lock is for Dallas (-1) to cover against the New York Football Giants.

There's still some pride left in the sign

Zorgon went 1-1 last week. For this week, he has Tulsa (-1) covering against Houston for his college lock. In the NFL, he has Buffalo (-3) covering against the Miami Dolphins, who can't win no matter what country they play in.

Tough times in Miami, especially watching their undefeated record crumble.

Frost had another tough week, watching his picks go 0-1-1 last week. He hopes to rebound and get back in the hunt by picking Virgina (+3.5) against the spread vs Miami in the last home game for the hurricanes ever. Not so sure about this pick, but we'll see. His pro pick is for Chicago (-3) to cover against Oakland.

Sad times in college and pro Miami football.

ESPNU Allstate BCS Standings Review:
1) okluschen 9-4-1
2) Zorgon 8-6
3) OU, National Champions in Football 13-1
4) Frost 5-7-2

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Locks of the Week: Week 8

Football season is around halfway done. I think it's been a good season so far. This has to be one of the most exciting years for college football. Never so many upsets, never so much confusion about the Heisman winner. And in the NFL, we've got the regular season game of the century coming up. Has there been a more tense rivalry in the past few years than this? But more on that later. Now, the locks.

For this week, Zorgon has Oregon State (+15) against the University of Southern California. It was a monumental upset last year, and Zorgon hopes for the same this season. He also has Green Bay (+2) against the spread versus a very physical defense in the Kansas City Chiefs.

Frost's locks for this week are Oklahoma State (+3) against the spread vs Texas. Texas has been struggling this season, despite being number 15 in the nation. That should be an interesting game. His pro lock is for the Patriots (-5.5) to cover against the the Colts in that game of the century I was talking about.

Tom Brady hopes to remain undefeated against the Colts

And last but not least, there's me. For this week I got Texas Tech to cover (-21) against the Baylor Bears. And for my pro lock, I'm going head to head aginst Jason Frost. That's right, I've got the Colts. Crazy you say? Not so fast my friend. The tide has turned in this rivalry. Peyton has their number now. Expect the unexpected my friend, expect the unexpected.

If Lee Corso picked pro games, I'm sure he'd pick Indy.

Just a reminer of the standings:
okluschen 7-4-1
Zorgon 7-5
Jason Frost 5-6-1