Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Season Openers in Review

Portland vs. San Antonio
Try as he might, he could not take down the giant. And then John Elway threw it 98 yards.

You've simply got to love the effort the Blazers put forward. They stayed with the Spurs all game, and that's with Frye and Roy pretty much underperforming. Pryzabilla, Aldridge, and Webster were BEASTS. If they could've gotten a couple more guys to have decent nights, I daresay the Blazers might've won. Oh, I have a feeling Channing Frye will have a minimal role this season....

The Big Blazers Q is: Will they be just as good with Oden?

It's possible that he might even drag them DOWN a bit. However, they just have to go along like this is their roster, and they're sticking to it.

As for the Spurs....Blah. Bruce Bowen had a terrible game.

Utah vs. Golden State
The 3 players in this pic and what they're doing symbolize the whole game.

Blowout? Is Baron hurt? Is Golden State in Trouble? The answer is no.

They simply need to figure out their optimal lineups. For example, Nelson insisted on playing Troy Hudson and Matt Barnes the whole game, even though they played like trash. It was so ugly, they almost reminded me of Dunleavy on his bad days. Now, Barnes is proven, but if Hudson can't get himself in gear within the next few games, he should have no problem benching him in lieu of Bellinelli.

You also have to take into fact that Stephen JAckson wasn't there. Not THAT major, but a hit nonetheless.

Croshere- Solution to the Warriors rebounding problem. This guy needs to PLAY!

Azubuike did well in the first, but he needs to create mroe for himself and try not to fizzle out.

NO BLAME shall touch Pietrus. He performed better than a lot of the team.

As for the Jazz? Well, lets just say they don't miss Derek Fisher. Giricek was....playing defense. It was scary. Harpring was seldom used. Only guy who had a bad game was Okur. Look out for this team.

Houston vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Might as well do that all season, Kobe.

It's total BULLSHIT that the Rockets aren't playing Steve Francis. The Rocekts complain they have crap for PG, they get a potential All-Star PG, and they BENCH him? Worse yet, don't let him play a SINGLE MINUTE?! Why even sign him? Honestly, if they do that, get ready for another 45 win year, Houston. You're obviously not ready to take the next step.

NO WAY this game should've been close. Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming did everything for Houston, and Mike James did a little. And agian Houston fails. IF you really wanted to improve, why not tryout more Luis Scola? It's not like Hayes is...doing much at all, really.

Also, Scola should have made better use of his 9 minutes.

The Lakers? What a sad sack of a team. Looking at the box score, it's OBVIOUS one person did all of the work. Fisher shot a few 3s. Now when almost a 6th man steps into another team and immediately becomes a 2nd or 3rd scoring option (when Odom comes back) you know that there's something wrong with that team.

Walton, however mediocre his game was, did pull it out in the clutch though. I have to give him props.

Honestly, without Kobe, this team IS trash. Trashy Trash. But Mr.Ballhogging pig just forces them to be semi-competetive with an underperforming Rockets team. Please, Lakers. No more. It will only take you 1 season or so to rebuild, you're LA!

Or, on second thought, keep him. It would be better if he didn't ruin any other teams.

Silly Side Note: A TNT graphic late game said the Lakers had -1 timeouts. Rightfully so?

Jim Barnett Quote of the Game: Find the hot hand and feed the hot hand.


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