Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bowl Previews and Predictions: International Bowl

International Bowl

okluschen: Though I'm sure you live and die by the opinions of the fine writers here at AdonalObsessed, every once and awhile we like to flex our influence and invite a celebrity to be a guest writer on our blog. So, seeing as how this is the bowl played in Canada, we thought it would be appropriate to invite the Maple Leaf's most famous native. Unfortunately, Pamela Anderson was busy. So, we decided to book Canada's second favorite, please give it up for the one, the only, Dudley Do-Right!

Dudley: Why thank you. OK, it is an honor indeed. I am an avid reader of this blog, of course. I enjoy especially the many, many articles by my favorite writer, Jack Frost! This may come as a suprise to some of you, but I am a big fan of your American Football and considered the guru of my fantasy CFL league. I love the Toronto Argonauts and admire my signed Ricky Williams jersey, which I keep framed in Horse's stable, every day. Now, without further adieu, the International Bowl...

Zorgon: Background:
The two teams have met once, on Sept. 29, 1989. It was a 31-All tie. They played in an empty lot, but were kicked out by the landlord in the 3rd quarter, so finished the game in an empty parking lot. Needless to say, a lot has changed for these two programs since then.

*Do not streak please, it is against Canadian law and a very distasteful habbit.
Ball State is on a two game winning streak
Rutgers lost it's last contest to Louisville

Ball State Eurekas!:
This is the best season these Cardinals have had since, I don't know, probably at least since my live-action movie flopped in '99.
It could quite possibly be the best passing attack in the entire Big MAC conference.
Played well against 3 BCS conference teams this season (Illinois who played in the Rose Bowl, Indiana who played in a bowl, and traditional power Nebraska)

Ball State Tiddlywinks:
Played in the cupcake MAC conference.
Have a poor rush defense, 99th in the nation.
Most impressive win...Navy? Now, if they had played the Mountie Academy, that would have been different. Yes, I love the Mountie Academy Midhorsemen. Come to think of it, I think they've got a game against Notre Dame next season...

Rutgers Eurekas!:
Ray Rice is a top notch running back, first in the Big East in Touchdowns and 3rd in the nation in rushing.
Bad news for the Ball State passing attack, the Rutgers pass defense is ranked second in the country, giving up only 160.58 yards per game in the air.
Greg Schiano can coach with the best of 'em and has the kind of loyalty and pride in Rutgers and Piscattaway, NJ that is compareable to my loyalty to the country, and God save the Queen...still...

Rutgers Tiddlywinks:
A very far drop off from last season's great run.
One of the worst punting teams in all of college football.
Run defense is a liability at times.

Writer's Predictions:
okluschen: Rutgers. Rutgers has the heavy talent edge here. I think the defense matches up well against Ball State. I also like how we always send such great teams to other countries to be our football ambassadors. 49ers, Dolphins, now Ball State.

Dudley Do-Right: Rutgers. Because Scarlet Knights could easily be a metaphor for Mounties. Speaking of symbolism, Ball State is sort of like the lovely Nell Fenwick in this matchup. Sure, you love 'em, but she's defenseless, and tied to the tracks.

Zorgon: Rutgers. While some would argue that the Big East is overrated, noone can argue that the Mid-American conference is overrated, because it's darn near the Sun Belt, and everyone knows it. It's a sheer mircale that Ball State has a winning record, much less in a bowl at all. Losses to Central Michigan, Nebraska, and Miami (of OHIO) do not translate well at all. Looking for power wins? Look no further than Central Michigan, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Northern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Navy. Aside from Navy, only Western Kentucky has a winning record (and they played all 1-AA teams and even a 1-AAA opponent). It can be argued that all of their wins came to teams who would be ranked in the triple digits (except Navy). Rutgers? Well, yeah, they completely fell apart, but they are not a stinking pile of trash, just a 15 year old refrigerator that leaks every so often. The ONLY reason Ball State is in this bowl is because of their close proximity to Canada. This is a travesty for everybody. I'm sure Troy would be happy to be in this bowl right now. Rutgers wins 86-0. At halftime, they call the game off. Okay, not really. But it'll be like 45-17.
Oh, I love Ball States logo though. It looks like it was made in the 80s.

Jason Frost: Rutgers. Ball State has a terrible run defence. Rutgers has a terific run offense. Rutgers wins big.

Bottom Line:
Rutgers 4, Ball State 0


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