Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NCAA Football, NFL Week 3

I'm late, but things get busy. Here goes:

NCAA Football:
Texas A&M vs. Miami
Texas A&M looked like poop on a stick. Miami simply had all of the energy, all of the game. And, unlike Notre Dame, McGee is A&Ms problem. He looked terrible and played terrible. Then, late in the game, they had another guy come out (Johnson?). He was very highly recruited and was 6'6". The one TD pass that he threw looked AMAZING. Next Steve McNair? Time will tell.

Oklahoma vs. Tulsa
Well, Tulsa did about as well you could expect them to. They played their hearts out in front of a neutral stadium, and got beat down. But noone can blame them. Oklahoma, meanwhile, needs to work on adapting to foreign envrionments, as Tulsa was half OU fans and they started off pretty sluggish.

Kent State vs. Akron
I called into a radio show last Tuesday. I had to make 3 picks for the upcoming week of football, and since I didn't know any matchups at the time, 3 names rang out of my head. They were Akron, Northwestern, and Tulsa, all against the spread. Well, at least Akron won. Also, Akron did a good job this game of not losing their energy early on, as they've done in games past.

Temple vs. Bowling Green
Temple, while improved, still sucks.

Syracuse vs. Louisville
This game was easily predictable. Lousiville is massively overrated coming off of a loss. You could just smell the upset in the air.

North Carolina vs. South Florida
South Florida will have a chance for itself to enter college football significance this Friday when they face West Virginia.

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia
I watched this game, but I didn't really get much to interpret from it. Both of the teams were very equally matched, and it was mere luck that either team should have won. (Boy, I really need to start writing these recaps on time.) Oh, and I hope the Tech guy who got injured is ok.

Florida vs. Ole Miss
I think this says a lot more about how good Ole Miss is than it says about how bad Florida is. But I didn't watch it, so I don't know.

Nebraska vs. Ball State
Big 12 Su-ucks! *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap* The only 3 schools that have any real chance of greatness are Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. Oklahoma will trounce Texas in a couple weeks, and Missouri....well, they're bound to screw up. Good Job at proving how last week wasn't a fluke, Nebraska! You've once again cheated yourself out of being ranked with the elite. Nebraska: Rebuilding Since '00.

Colorado vs. Miami
Don't EVER bet on Miami. Ohio, that is. Right now, they'ed dropped from bowl status to almost AA status. Letting Colorado, whose offense was so bad last week that they HAD to use shotgun every time dropping 42 on you? Ugh.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan State
No real surprise here. Notre Dame is in...the Florida State range in talent I'd say. But can we stop talking about them?

Northwestern vs. Ohio State
Damn you Northwestern!!!!

Memphis vs. UCF
I might've been wrong about UCF last week. They might actually be good.

North Dakota State vs. Central Michigan
This game is an example of how AA is moving closer and closer to 1-A. You start seeing the more major AA teams beating the 1-A teams. It's nice to see less of a divide.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State
This was a nice game to watch, but the sad truth is that at best these teams are making 7-5. Nevertheless, DON'T hesitate to watch something like this just because the teams suck. Better than watching a Notre Dame-Michigan State grindfest.

Colorado State vs. Houston
For some reason, I decided to watch this game. Big mistake. It was soo BORING!!!! These teams were both so inept at everything it wasn't even funny. Not to mention how bad their uniforms were....

Rice vs. Texas
Well, my Rice "Dark Horse" pick wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I give Texas credit, they may be better than I thought. Still not as good as OU, though. They barely beat UCF, and UCF is comparable to Tulsa, who was crushed by Oklahoma. Just sayin'.

Georgia vs. Alabama
I really don't have anything to say about this one. I just don't want any complaints about how I didn't include a big matchup. (Must remember to write earlier!)

This game broke down towards almost thuggery towards the end. It was almost over, but since these schools are apparently "fierce rivals", there was a lot of extra pushing and shoving. If football had 5 quarters, we'd be hearing about the huge SMU-TCU brawl right now, instead of "I'm 40! I'm a man! Come attack me!"

Maryland vs. Wake Forest
At the beginning of the game, the announcer called this one, "Wake Forest vs. NC State". Mmmmhmmm. Wake Forest showed tremendous poise and school spirit during this game. It was so crazy, you never wanted it to end. Maryland was almost too conservative, and was practically waiting for Wake to take it from them.

Purdue vs. Minnesota
Everything just seemed to be going wrong for Minnesota. Dropped fumbles, missed redzone opportunities, the whole bit. Don't count this game to Purdues greatness, but massive unluck on Minnesotas side. They did play a nice second half, though.

Oregon vs. Stanford
I would've been #1 in Ballhype picking had Stanford won. But nooo, Stanford had to screw up their lead just like Washington and Oregon State. Thanks, guys.

Washington vs. UCLA
I simply can't remember this game. I watched about half of it, but now it's all mixed in. I need to write earlier.

Utah vs. UNLV
From louismg on Ballhype:
"Let me see - UCLA loses 44-6 to Utah, who loses 27-0 to UNLV. So... would UNLV beat UCLA 71-6?"

NFL Week 3:
Cardinals vs. Ravens

This game was close, as it should be. It shows how good the AFC West "Group of Death" is doing, and just how poor the NFC is getting.

San Diego vs. Green Bay

Green Bay put together a marvelous performance to overtake an overrated Chargers team with an overrated QB. Brett Favre looked like a stubborn old man sometimes, passing to get into the endzone for his TD and praying the run wouldn't work. Nonetheless, aside from his deparation moments, there's no other man I'd like at QB when I'm losing by 6 with 1:36 to go in the 4th. Green Bay is my NFC Super Bowl pick (for now).

Indianapolis vs. Houston
This game does make a statement about how far Houston has gotten, but it also makes a statement about how the rest of the NFL has caught up to the Colts. Along with the Titans scare last week, this proves how almost everybody is becoming a threat to them, and their perfect season is NOT going to happen this year. They'll make the playoffs, but they won't lockup the 1 seed in Week 13.

Minnesota vs. Kansas City
A lot of people are saying how the mascot energized the team to win. I'd probobly agree with them, simply because Minnesota's only weapon is Adrian Peterson. Get rid of Tavaris Jackson, and bring in a real QB (Drew Bledsoe) please.

Buffalo vs. New England
Buffalo is as bad as ever (8-8 over my dead body) and New England is better than ever. I miss Drew Bledsoe.

Miami vs. New York Jets
A very heated battle between borderline playoff teams. However, I think that in the end they'll both fall short in such a tough AFC.

Detroit vs. Philadelphia
Only reason Philadelphia won: Awesome 1930's throw back uniforms they picked up out of the World Football Leagues trash! They should wear them every game. I love them. Seriously.

Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco
This game helps prove:
A) The Browns are no joke.
B) The 49ers are not a Super Bowl team yet.
C) The Steelers are looking like best in the AFC right now.
D) Bill Cowher may be at his CBS desk longer than you think.

St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay
A lot of people thought that this would be the Rams "big return" year, but so far they've failed to deliver. Meanwhile, the Bucs are again pulling their "smoke and mirrors" tactic to pretend like they're a good team when in actuality they just have an easy schedule. Don't be surprised if they take the NFC South crown out of luck.

Jacksonville vs. Denver
I hope he got sacked....

Get rid of Jay Cutler! If you had anyone else at the Denver reigns, they'd have won this game, and not have had to rely on the greatest kicker in the NFL (Elam) to win their previous 2 games. He is in the bottom 5 of league QBs, and simply hampering the Broncos progress.

Cleveland vs. Oakland
I can count all of Brady Quinns sideline facial expressions with one finger.

The NFL REALLY needs to get rid of this calling timeouts before the snap BS before it speads like a disease. Props to Warren Sapp for blocking that FG.

Cincinnati vs. Seattle
2 teams that have very questionable futures. Seattle was great in 05, but kind of sropped off in 06. Cincy lost to the Browns last week. I'd say Seattle has the better future, because every player on their roster is just all-around solid with few weaknesses. They're just not great.

Carolina vs. Atlanta
Toilet Bowl of the Week! Both of these teams need better QBs (Drew Bledsoe). Both of them will not make the playoffs. Atlanta might go 0-16. Yay!

New York Giants vs. Washington
Nice job by New York to prove that they can survive without Tiki.

Dallas vs. Chicago

Okay, everyones said it: Get Grossman out. Either put in Griese or find a fantabulous Free Agent QB (Drew Bledsoe).

Tennessee vs. New Orleans
Dude, it's not college anymore. Stop posing for the Heisman.

I'm still not sold on the Titans. Don't ask me why, because I don't know either. Meanwhile, Drew Brees is.....oh what the hell, you know I have to say it! The Saints need a great QB (Drew Bledsoe). (No, I'm kidding. Brees is fine, but they need to find out what's wrong.

(Forgive me for the lack of NCAA photos.)


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