Monday, September 17, 2007

Gotta Start Somewhere....NFL Week 2, College Football, Odds and Ends

Hey guys, I'm a dude looking to start a Sports Blog...I'm from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and have many different sports teams I'm interested in. Here's a list, just to get it out of the way....

NBA: Golden State Warriors, Adonal Foyle
NFL: Cleveland Browns (And the retired Drew Bledsoe)
MLB: Toronto Blue Jays (I don't watch MLB.)
NHL: Detroit Red Wings (I don't watch NHL.)
NCAA: Oklahoma Sooners
NASCAR: Jeff Gordon
Chinese Basketball: Bayi Rockets
South African Rugby: Natal Sharks

I think that's about it.

Okay, so now to business.

NCAA Football Thoughts:
Notre Dame vs. Michigan

Notre Dame looked about as good as Utah State last week. And no, its NOT because of Jimmy Clausen. It's because of the HORRENDOUS offensive line. The dude gets no time to do anything! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's a superstar, but he's not completely terrible. He just sent the entire game in fear of the defensive line!
The offensive line might as well have been Jello. They spent the entire day on their rear end. EVERY SINGLE LINEMAN fell down by the time most plays were over. Just...ugh.

Akron vs. Indiana
It's fun to watch a few small time games like this. Akron seems like a team that starts out with a big jolt, but loses their stride somewhere in the game. You could also witness this from how they played vs. Ohio St. It kind of fits their name, the Zips. Zip! And then they're gone. Indiana, meanwhile, still looks like Indiana.

Nebraska vs. USC
I was pulling for a Nebraska upset, but it looked like it was too good to be true. Outside of the top 5, most of the nation this year looks like a joke, including Nebraska. Don't be surprised if by the end of the year you see a few Sam Hill States randomly creep into the polls. Oh, and don't even TALK about Texas and the rest of the Big 12. I haven't watched any Texas games, but if you struggle week after week against UCF, you're not a contender. I can pretty much confirm that all of the Big 12 but OU STINKS. Unless Missouri randomly becomes good. USC looks as strong as ever, but I don't think they're back to a Matt Leinart/Reggie Bush level just yet.

Tulsa vs. BYU

Tulsa has officially returned to prominence, ladies and gentlemen. Okay, you may say "Brigham Young and Louisiana-Monroe? Who cares? Well, for a team that always threatened to go 0-11, 2-0 is a big step. Defense looked average, but Paul Smith looked good. Okay, good for Tulsa. Don't be surprised if hes 2-22 with 3 Interceptions and 7 sacks against Oklahoma. Why? Explained in the next section.

On a side note, I have to give props to College Sports TV for covering this game so well. Very few commercials, and in depth analysis. If you don't have it, it's only 15 bucks a month on DirecTV, AND you get a bunch of other odd-and-end sports channels. Who could resist? (No, I don't work for DirecTV.)

Oklahoma vs. Utah State
OU is, simply, owning. No knock on Utah State, but this team looks...just monsterous. Don't be surprised (is that the phrase of the day?) when they tear through the incredibly weak Big 12.

However, OU really needs to either replace Garrett Heartley (Kicker) or the kickholder. 2 missed extra points is simply unacceptable. This will come back to bite them in the ass. Although, he did have a nice 52 or 53 yarder. So maybe not. Oh, and the annoucner was all "52 yards is CRAZY!!!!" No, it's not. I'm ALL FOR long Field Goal kicks. Just wanted to get that out there.

Colorado vs. Florida State
Everyone is talking about Notre Dame and Michigan's fall from prominence, but take a look at this one! If this happened in 2001, both would've been in the top 5. Now they're both in the muddled middle of their respective conferences.

Colorado's defense was solid, but their offense was just sad and pathetic. If it weren't for a couple of late-game drives, I would've called it Notre Dame-esque. The Coaches son was getting sacked on every play, so they had to use a shotgun every play. I do have to give props to the coach for that, though, as most aren't smart enough to do so. Near the end dudes were kind of catching balls, and the QB was kind of throwing well, so a flicker of hope may still remain for a Colorado Bowl Game.

Florida State just looked average and boring all around. Not great, not bad. Not good, not mediocre. Just average.

'BAMA vs. Arkansas
I didn't watch much of this game, don't have much to say. I do feel sorry for razorback fans, though. It would've been nice to see a strong Arkansas team.

Oregon State vs. Idaho State
Randomly tuned into this one for a few minutes. Oregon State lost last week to some bad school, but now they're beating up on Idaho State? Either Oregon State is having moodswings or Idaho State SUCKS. I'm going with the latter.

Texas vs. University of Central Florida
I watched very little, but I can tell you this much: Texas is baaad. If I had to make a major surprise pick, I'd go with Rice over Texas. If you want to roll the dice a bit.

All other games I didn't watch and have little to no opinion about. I do take special requests, if you're interested.

NFL Week 2:

Browns vs. Bengals
Gonna take it right into the DANGER ZONE!

This was like watching NFL Blitz. It was so awesome. Score after score. 2nd highest combined score in NFL history. If you have Tivo or something, go back and WATCH this game, all the way through. It's simply too fun not to.

The Browns looked much stronger after this game. They pretty much negated the rushing game of the Bengals, who pretty much got through solely on Carson Palmers arm. Every aspect of their offense looked good. So, does this mean playoffs? Don't get excited just yet, but they're definately going in the right direction.
Derek Anderson- Real Starter?

We'll see in 2 weeks....To be honest, with how well he did, I'm kinda scared Brady Quinn might be worse....

The Bengals defense was atrocious, all around. The Begnals run game was atrocious. If Palmer, Johnson, or TJ Whatever got injured mid-game, game over. The Bengals may still be a playoff team, but they really need to step back and take another look at themselves.

Houston Texans vs. Carolina Panthers

Awwww! Baby is all grown up! They're getting Touchdowns now!
I didn't watch the game, but Houston is a REAL NFL TEAM! I'M SO PROUD! Not to mention, they helped me a lot in Ballhype pickem and 17 games. Whatever the case, if Carolina wants to take it to the next level, they need to get rid of Delhomme, and find themselves some sort of above-average TE or RB.

Jagulars vs. Falcons
2 bad teams GOIN AT IT. Watch as they combine for a massive 20 points. Watch as Joey Harrington passes for 1 TD so the guy who drafted his QBs late gets some minisule fantasy points. Watch as Field Goals are kicked. Watch as noone cares. (Sorry, I don't want to knock you guys, but this may be the toilet bowl....)

Packers vs. Giants
I didn't watch this one either, but you can tell the Packers are ready to play. Brett Favre wants one more go. The Packers will the the surprise Dark Horse in this years playoffs, and might just pull a 2005 Steelers or 1999 Titans type run....The "Hefty Lefty" needs to play.

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh
This game either signifies that Buffalo is bad or that Pittsburgh is really good. Its actually neither of those. Buffalo is decent (Denver game cough), but their main problem still lies in J.P. Lost Man. Get any better QB, and whole new doors are opened for that team. The Steelers are looking reeeeeally good right now, but we'll have to see how they stack up in later weeks before we count our chickens.

49ers vs. Rams
The 49ers win just because they had the ball at the right time. 2 very equal, very solid teams. They are both in a Division of Death, where one game could snap you to the 2nd round or send you to the gutter. May the luckiest team win. Joe Nedney=Underrated Kicker.

Saints vs. Buccanneers
The Saints are returning to their former glory while the Bucs are looking as mediocre as ever. Yippee!!!!
Colts vs. Titans
I don't want to judge this game just yet. It could mean many, many things. If I wanted to take a stab in the dark, I'd say that the Colts had an off game and that Vince Young is looking more and more like Steve McNair. I'd say that the Titans are the Warriors of the NFL, and the Colts are the Mavericks. It's true, at least for this year.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks
If you watched the 4th quarter of this game, it was about as painful as watching this promo: (Click on "When Women had Tails"'ve been warned.)
That's about all I have to say. Were the Seahawks ever really THAT good in the first place? I dunno.
Lions vs. Vikings
The FOX announcers for this game were stupid as...shite. The Play by Play guy was generic and obviously suited for other sports, while the colour guy used to be some dumb linebacker or something. They didn't really know how to call anything, and the colour guy wouldn't shut up. He ALWAYS had to get his points out. Ugh. The game? I don't remember. Go CBS and NBC!

Dolphins vs. Cowboys
The sad thing is..the Cowboys may just be NFC champs this year...sigh. I miss Drew Bledsoe.....
Ravens vs. Jets
Kyle Boller is probobly the best backup in the league next to Kurt Warner. A heck of a lot of experience, and he's decent to boot. He could start on a few teams....but he's better off in Baltimore, as Steve McNair is bound to get hurt. J!E!T!S! may once again stand for, "Just End The Season".

Bears vs. Chiefs
If the Bears are ever favoured by more than on the opposition. Poor Chiefs.

Broncos vs. Raiders
Is the closeness of this game because of the Raiders being good? No. It's because of Jay Cutler. If the Broncos didn't have Jason Elam, they'd be 0-2. Best Kicker in the NFL, IMO. Longest ever!

Chargers vs. Patriots

Cheating aside, the Patriots are awesome. Simply stacked everywhere from Kick Retruners to WR. Their line backers maaay be a little weak, but that's IT. If they still had McGuinest and Milloy this would be a team for the ages.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Chargers suck. Why? The man in that photo is why. Can someone say BreesisbetterthanRivers? Good. If Gates or Tomlinson gets injured, lookf for this team to go down an extreme toilet. Their Wideouts suck, and their defense is mediocre-to-average. Nuff' Said.

Oh, and their new uniforms are nice.

Eagles vs. Redskins

Why are the Eagles so bad? I think that the lack of a rushing game has killed them. Plain and simple. You can predict them too easily.
As for the Redskins- Jason Campbell is better than I expected, but he needs a little refining. Campbell is a good Quarterback name, too. Better than Lost Man.

Odds and Ends-
The Phoenix Mercury won the WNBA Championship. Over the Bill Laimbeer coached Detroit Shock. What's sad about this is how far the WNBA has fallen since it's inception and the early Houston Comets championships. Great TV contract re-signing with ABC, Mr. Stern....It has doomed the WNBA to a decade of steadily declining ratings. Do you really want it to fold this bad?
Tiger Woods won something. Again. Is anyone else tired of this?
Clint Bowyer won, significantly increasing his chances in the Chase. Will he win? HELL NO. Jeff Gordon tied for 1st baby!!!!
Tomorrow- Locks of the Week
All comments and suggestions welcome.


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